Why to choose WordPress over blogger?

Why to choose WordPress over blogger?

You all are very much familiar with the concept of these two. These two are the most platform to start a website, to start a blog, to share your knowledge will via text. While starting a website, a blog everyone is stuck between the choice of WordPress and Blogger. Although both are excellent in result, but both have several benefits over another. The choice of the platform is a must step that comes first in the stairs of successful blogger. Both the platforms have various advantages plus disadvantages.

So, today we’ll tell you why WordPress is better than blogger!

1.Installed Tools

Wordpress is better than Blogger

Blogger is a product of giant company Google. It is free and gives you some features to share your knowledge. It’s not like that one can’t be a successful blogger by using the platform Blogspot. One can be, but in contrast with WordPress the tools or services provided by the platform itself is much low. WordPress offers you a great variety of tools to enhance your website and to make it more comfortable for the users while in blogger Blogspot you can edit few changes only.


The first thing which strikes in our mind first while we open any website is the design of that website, the appearance of that website. Simply, it becomes the major and a topic to think for the blogger or the one who is operating the website. After tools the thing which keep flashes in one’s mind is ‘How his/her site is looking?’ Can it possesses enough potential to attract the viewer or not. Blogger provides a variety of themes but again in contrast with WordPress it is much low! While the WordPress provides a vast range of templates with everything editable in most of the cases, while in blogger you can make few edits only.

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3.Get full control

With wordpress you can access each and every corner of your website, because it is editable while in blogger, you can’t. From top, Blogger gives you full access to enjoy their services but from deep down, they are providing a very few access. In order to edit each and every corner of your project or website you must be having a good knowledge of html.


Ease in WordPress

One can still maintain a blogspot website, but walking with your project on the platform of blogspot is quite difficult. The things you do in blogspot are more easier in WordPress. In WordPress, you don’t even need to touch the html coding. WordPress works on drag and drop while in blogspot you might have to do coding as well.

5.SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO in wordpress

The final or the main step after publishing a post for the website owner is put efforts to rank his/her article in Google search. Well, Blogspot itself is a product of Google, still it fails sometime in the race of indexing with WordPress.
The wordpress provides a option of plugins, just install and activate them and the rest work they’ll do themselves while to rank the content published on blogspot will require much efforts in the field of SEO.

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