Why to choose TikTok over rest social media platforms?

Why to choose TikTok over rest social media platforms?

A social media platform is one which combines social people and helps different people who belong to different walks of life to live and share their information together. The social media platforms were popular in the 20 century when major social networking sites came into existence such as facebook twitter, Instagram etc. Though when these sites came into existence they were restricted to fewer features compared to the present times they feature they have. Facebook which was launched in 2004 has a number of features such as to post content to disseminate it and content spreads within no time in every part of the world.

The spread of the content was also powerful due to reach of about four to five million people on Facebook. With the passing of time the number of people who made face book accounts increased. The number of people increased the reach of Facebook got a wider reach. Every year about a million subscribers are added to Facebook. Like, Facebook a Twitter a micro-blogging website also saw the same trends. Initially, the numbers of people who use twitter were less but the number increased. In the modern world there is not even a single actor-politician, entrepreneur, doctor, journalist etc who don’t have a twitter account. In fact, Twitter is considered as a credible source of information. Same is the case with Instagram whose subscribers increased day by day. Since a large number of social networking sites came into existence the competition has also increased. Every time one SNS site put other SNS site behind.

A new Social Networking site came into existence in the world in 21 century.

As the spreading and subscribing of these social networking sites increased. In this competition, a new and fast social media site came into existence in 2016 in China. The name of the site was first as Douyin in China by Byte Dance Company. The social media application was launched in 200 days in China. The social media application got over 100 million subscribers in the first year after its launch. A whopping sum of viewing videos in one year for Tik Tok about one billion videos just in one year. When the application was launched for international market the name was changed to Tik Tok in 2017. The original name Douyin was kept the same in China.

Popularity of Tik Tok

Tiktok is the most downloaded app of appstore, why to use tiktok
Source: Quartz

A million subscribers within its year of launch made this application popular. The application ranks among the top downloaded apps from play store in Thailand and other countries of south-east Asia in January 2018. The data released by Mobile Research Centre firm tower a China-based research center Tik Tok was downloaded about 80 million times in the United States of America and 800 million times in other countries of the world. A number of celebrities have started to join with this famous application.  Among these are Jimmy Fallen and Tony Hawk who joined TikTok in 2018. It was downloaded more than 104 million times by app store by Apple users during the first half of 2018 according to data released by Sensor Tower app analytics based in San Francisco. It also left behind other social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Instagram on iOS to become the most downloaded app on iOS in 2018.

Unique Points of TikTok:

The launching of Tik Tok made easy for users to create a video with background music of their choice. This feature makes the TikTok unique from other social media sites. A user has to create his/her own profile on the app first. After sign up a unique id is generated for the user and now he/she can use the Tik Tok. The popular feature of TikTok is you can use different stickers to the video and the video can speed up or slow down according to the choice of the user. 

Why People Prefer this app over other?

Popularity among youth, old age people, children, celebrities etc has made the Tik Tok different from other SNS sites. It has helped to connect and show the talent of people. Some sort of acting with the different kinds of music genres. The app protects the privacy of users it depends upon user whether he/she wants his/ her video to be viewed by others. A person can make his/her video private restricted to him or herself. It also allows a user who can react to a person’s video without a person’s permission no one can react to his/her video. Someone wants to show his/ her inner talent can use this application. It has led to addiction in various countries.

tiktok stars, people who went viral from tiktok or musically
Source: Inside Duniya

Various youth have become overnight star using Tik Tok. The best part of the Tik Tok is that all members of the family can shoot videos together and post it on a single account. A duet feature is also added to it through which you can add another own video to already existing video. This app uses artificial intelligence to know the interests and preferences of people. If anyone wants to post adult content the content is immoderately removed from the app. This app will not allow adult content posts.

If you use facebook to post a video of yourself you cannot add features of filters, background music etc this feature is unique in Tik Tok. If you use to add the same video on twitter you can, in fact, add text but the background music is not available.

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