Why “Art of War” by Sun Tzu is a must read!!

Why “Art of War” by Sun Tzu is a must read!!

Every kind faces a situation, a problem, an obstacle regularly in his/her life and his respond is dependent only on his attitudes and habits and how critical his/her thinking is. It is said that the solutions of a man’s everyday problems are written in those consecrated books written by ancient visionaries and intellectuals of those times like Chanakya of ancient India and Sun tzu of ancient china. The art of war is a magnum-opus, only one of its kind.

The root of everything lies in the warfare. The art of warfare is the mother of all things we see today. Let it be management, logistics, trade, navigation, espionage, cryptography, transportation, safety everything has its origins from the warfare. let me explain it to you.

1. Logistics

Logistics were carried out for troops reinforcements and to carry out the supplies efficiently, swiftly and with total safety.

2. Management

The art of management lies in those times when cities and town were besieged, resources were on the fingertips, commanders and leaders minutely calculated the rations to survive, man management, resource management were learned during those sieges.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu
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3. Planning

Strategic planning and troop movements and battle plans were thoroughly discussed and arm chair brainy people give their takes. Art of planning came from these ancient times when survival met with lesser resources.

4. Navigation

Tracking the desired route with precision with the help of natural factors earlier in those times winds, sunlight, tides were only tools to navigate and thus cartography was introduced to keep track of the borders and territories and hence art of navigation was introduced.

5. Technology

The need of the modernized weapons welcomed the role of technology where throwing stone by hand becomes a catapult followed by hellfire and crossbows and bolt arrows which were followed by canons and then guns. Warfare really changed the way battles were fought.

As sun tzu quotes “battles are fought in mind long before they are fought on battle ground”.

6. Cryptography

The need for securing the scrolls, messages sent by leaders was realized when messages were intercepted by enemies revealing their strategies other intel. Then, the need for encrypting the message through a cipher (a unique code or key) and thus giving the same cipher to other decoding party gives birth to the art of cryptography. Caesar first used the Scytale cipher, Atbash cipher was based on Hebrew alphabets. Cryptography was widely used by the Germans during world war 2, they invented “Enigma” which was impossible to decode until the British Mathematician Alan Turing broke its algorithm.

This book opens with an iconic one liner from which it inspired and theorists, generals and in movies too. “attack the enemy where is unprepared and appear where you are not expected”.

This book is considered as bible for many generals in past and even now his lessons are widely followed not just in military but this is also practiced in many Institutions and B-schools.

As I said, everything you have right now has been originated from the warfare so why not learn the life skills from the very roots. This is something every book shelf should have.

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