What powers your Smartphones – SMARTPHONE PROCESSORS

What powers your Smartphones – SMARTPHONE PROCESSORS

Smartphones are hugely popular these days, they are a significant part of our daily lives. There are many components in a smartphone such as camera, screen, ports, sensors etc. Ever wondered what powers these smartphones? 

Well, we are here to tell you just that. As any other device the smartphones are powered by processors, but unlike the computer systems, these processors are bundled on a motherboard and shipped as it is. The complete thing is called an SoC (System on a Chip), which contains the CPU, GPU, DSP, NPU, Wi-Fi modem, cellular modem etc. This imposes a limitation that you can’t upgrade the hardware of a smartphone in future even if you want. 

There are many vendors of the SoCs such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, MediaTek and Qualcomm, but all of these vendors buy the CPU which has the cores from ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) and then make certain modifications to it such as GPU, NPU,  DSP etc. then these SoCs are put in the phones we use. 

One significant thing to note here is the fabrication technology. This is the size of the transistors used in making the chips. They are generally, 28 nm, 14 nm, 12nm, 10nm etc. The latest technology being used is 7 nm. The smaller the size the better and more efficient will be the performance as electons in such a circuit will have to travel less distance and thus less heat will be produced and as it’s faster to travel short distance, performance will be better. 

We we have given the name of most popular brands of the most popular enterprises in this field below for your reference : 

  •   Apple – A Series SoCs
  •   Qualcomm – Snapdragon
  •   Samsung – Exynos
  •   Huawei – Hi – Silicon Kirin
  •   MediaTek – MediaTek (independent company deals only in SoCs)

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