What is Brexit all about? Explained to a Layman

What is Brexit all about? Explained to a Layman

So, what is Brexit about? You all become like a 6-year old kid whenever you come across the term “Brexit” in a newspaper or anywhere wondering what sort of a cold-policy is that between some squabbling nations. You tried to study that out but got bored due to the contents which are written well-polished in those Indian English newspaper.

So now let’s become that 9-year-old again and ask that same question with same innocence in your eyes and curiosity inside your belly “what’s this thing called Brexit?”.

So Kid, let’s start with your childhood and go back to the time when you had a group of around 7-8 friends who are still kids wearing those half pants. Your friends and you have always wanted to play at any one of your friend’s house but this wish resulted in failure because of you all too young for these matters and to decide so you end up fighting and not talking for days.

So, one day, your parents decided to take turns that each day all of your friends will be together in one of your friend’s house assigned to that particular day and then enjoy your time. You can even take your toys there and play as much you want without any external barriers.

But one of your friends let’s say balder, his house is extremely lavish with playground even have cool toys and stuff. So, all of your friends always wanted to play at balder house ’s and everyone enjoyed it. It became a daily routine for everyone to come to his place and play all day long.

Balder’s parents were really annoyed by this and then they decided to clear themselves up from this play in the home plan. Basically, they decided to exit themselves from this group and eradicating the entire plan which it was earlier laid out.

This exit is called “Brexit when it comes down to kids”.

Here balder is Britain and his friends are those European nations.

The Seed of Brexit:

In the earlier days of world war 2, European nations used to fight amongst themselves causing a chaotic downfall of economy and war brought their people into starvation and debt. When the war was over, many nations felt the need of amalgamation of European countries and working together for the greater good, starting from steel, coal and automobile industries and then later much broader set of trades.

Why Brexit Happened? What is Brexit about?
Why Brexit Happened? Source: Information Age

The problem:

When these trades, jobs migration and such shifts start taking place one would have to pay some levy to the other country or if you want a job in France then you would have to go for the long immigration process. These processes slowed down the progress of the nations combined making it hectic. So, the nations soon realized that something has to be done to dilute this situation.

Questions were raised in the European Union that what if all the countries have a common rule or these barriers are brought down and replace it by a single one?

Solution for Brexit, What is Brexit About
Solution for Brexit, Source: Elia Artschool

The solution:

In 1993, all the western European country joined the bandwagon to merge their economic rules by allowing the people, goods, services, money to move freely between the members.

Examplelike how the states in the US works.

EU has helped to regulate the economic conditions and helped to maintain the peace.

The rise of the problem:

Once a wise man said, “every progress brings its own devils”. And as it happened in this case.

This new EU was doing well but like any other deal, one has to suffer the losses too when the time comes. During the 2008 economic recession, European central bank failed to respond effectively. Unemployment rose and taxes were hiked up. Debt in EU countries skyrocketed. It meant that wealthier countries (like the UK) should help the less wealthy countries down the line.

Many started to migrate in those wealthier countries (The U.K especially) and even the graphs saw that the foreign-born population in the UK climbed the graph.


The UK voted to leave the European Union to counter all its inside problem for its own citizens for the basic amenities which their citizens weren’t getting

Like: many left the UK to foreign countries to find the jobs thus creating an inside disturbance.

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