What are Backlinks in SEO? Explained Do Follow links and No Follow Links

What are Backlinks in SEO? Explained Do Follow links and No Follow Links

So, if you are a blogger or website owner you must know about backlinks but for those who are new into this stream, you are landed on right page for the detailed introduction of backlinks.
So, look for a seat, sit there and start reading the complete content.

Backlink is the link of the Web page from another Web page.
Didn’t get? Don’t worry, lemme explain it more. When link of a particular website or posts is provided by any other website or Web page, then this complete term is said to be backlink.

Backlinks plays a vital role in SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. It lets the crawlers of Google or Google spiders to have a round on content provided Web page or website.

There must be any site that you’ve just visited and what you found weird in it is the links or names of a lot of websites or web pages on the footer of the website. Haven’t got any? Check ours!!

Google has provided a Google Bot names Google spider or Google Crawler which keeps surfing the Internet, which keeps moving 24*7 to find the new content as much as possible. Your one question is solved, How Google gets results to display!!
This is the mechanism behind it, the Bot helps the Google to display the best result on top for user satisfaction.
So, how Google decides which result to place on top and which on last? Well, there are a lot of factors which contribute in the same, and backlink is one of them!

So, today we are going to cover the whole topic of backlinks.

working of backlink,
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Backlinks helps websites to get ranked above than before. Backlinks are the links from third party domains pointing towards the page of your domain.

How backlinks contribute?

Backlinks from trusted websites, helps you to get high Trust Score and hence high ranking of your content. If a high ranked website is referring Google Spider to you, Google will rank you above on the same level with others.
Suppose, you have one website or Web page which is point to point same in SEO with your competitor’s website or Web page, so if you can succeed to get back link from trusted website or high ranked website, Google will rank your website above than your competitors one.
BOOM! You are looking the same right? So, the question arises

What a Trust score is?

Trust Score measures the trustworthiness of a website or Web page. How many users are getting satisfied with the content delivered on websites measures the TrustScore. Higher will be the trust score of the website, higher the content of website will be indexed.

The summary of above content is Backlinks helps us to gain more trust score if received by some trusted plus high ranked website and the complete process leads to get more traffic.

It is not necessary that to rank a website, to index your content, you must need backlinks. It’s optional. One can rank the same without having backlinks too. As sometime, instead of helping us, backlinks proved to be a snake to swallow our complete efforts.

How Backlinks sometimes proves to be Harmful?

Filling your website or Web page with backlinks of others Web pages or websites leads to generate high spam score of your website. Still not getting? Let us get it by having an example!

Suppose, there is one website whose main focus is on click bait. The trust score of that website is low and bounce back rate is high, that website or Web page will have spam score a much larger and you’re providing the way for same through your website. Isn’t it strange? Google Bot after Crawling your website will move to his/her website and after finding that you are pointing towards the spam website, Google will increase the spam score of your website as well.

One must be aware to which website or webpage he/she is giving backlinks and from which website or webpage he/she is taking the same!! Moving forward, we have two types of backlinks.

  • Do follow Links
  • No Follow Links

Although both comes under the section of backlinks, but still there’s a huge difference between them.

Let us check about these in brief.

Do Follow links

do follow backlinks allows crawlers to crawl content
Source: InsideDuniya

Do Follow links – Do follow links are those which allows the Google bot or Crawler to crawl the Web page or website. If the links is allowing crawlers to crawl the Web page, then it comes under Do Follow links. Didn’t get? Wait! Lemme elaborate with an example.
Suppose you have a website, and you are gave a link to me, now you allows the Google crawler to crawl my Web page too. When crawler crawls your site, with the reference of Do follow link, the crawler will come to my website or webpage to crawl it and hence increase the indexing and ranking of my website.
In terms of SEO, The value of Do Follow is far higher than the value given to No follow by crawlers or search engines.

No follow Links

no follow links do not allow crawlers to crawl content
Source: InsideDuniya

No follow Links – No follow links are those which do not allow the crawlers to crawl the Web page or website. You’re not getting any benefit in terms of SEO and ranking as the the crawlers are not Crawling the content delivered on Web page or website. Umm! Still have a doubt? Lemme clear it.

Suppose You have a website and you’re giving me No follow Link, this means you are stopping the crawlers to crawl my website but you’re allowing the users to visit my Web page or website.
You are disallowing the crawlers but allowing the users to visit my website page or Web page.

In terms of SEO, there is very minute important of No Follow backlinks, but in bundle they effects.

Although the No follow backlinks don’t contribute in increasing the indexing or DA of your Web page but still it helps in maintaining the spam score neutral controlled as if you’re focusing only on Do Follow backlink, they might help you to get high DA but your Web page might loose its natural importance, there are reasons to count tour Web page in spamming.
There are not specific ratio provided by any Web engine or official authority, but still if you want you can make 70-30% for the same.
70% Do follow Links and 30% No follow links can maintain the level of naturalness of your domain plus it’ll prevent your Web page or website from becoming spamming.

Still have a doubt? No problem buddy! Comment down the same, I’ll respond it for sure.

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