Water Child Delivery: Risks, Advantages and Disadvantages

Water Child Delivery: Risks, Advantages and Disadvantages

 Water Child Delivery

It is said that the most painful process in this world is the process of giving birth to a child. But the pain varies for different women in different cases. Labour pain depends on many factors like shape of pelvic, position of mother, position of baby , stress level , dehydration and many more. In some cases women experience less labour pain while some suffer extremely painful labour pain. But in all the cases pain is present. Now to lessen this labour pain water child delivery is done.

What is Water Child Delivery?

water child delivery, difference between c section and natural delivery

The process of delivering a baby in a hot water tub is called water child delivery. Since the baby stays in amniotic fluid sac inside the mother’s uterus for 9 months . The warm water provides the similar environment to the baby after birth also and it becomes easy for the baby to adapt the situation and it is also less painful for the mother undergoing pain because warm water provides a soothing, comforting and relaxing environment to the mother. So it is beneficial for both baby and the mother.

Why it is better than Normal Delivery or Cesarean Delivery

Normal delivery is a process of giving birth to a child without medical intervention. No drugs/injections are used in this process

Cesarean delivery is a surgical delivery. It involves incision in uterus and abdomen. Larger does of anaesthesia is given to numb the abdomen and legs.

The advantage of Normal delivery is that it does not have any post delivery side effects because no medicine is used in the procedure but the procedure is itself very painful. It is said that the pain cause in a normal delivery is equal to 20 bones cracking at a same time ( means very painful!!)

The advantage of Cesarean delivery is that it does not cause any pain after anaesthesia is given. Only pain which is suffered is of injection and contraptions can still be experienced without any pain. But is has a very big disadvantage that the injection causes many post delivery side effects and these effects are long term effects which affects overall body of mother.

NOW THE WATER CHILD DELIVERY ENSURES A LESS PAINFUL NORMAL DELIVERY. This means that now women does not need to bear child birth pain or the post delivery side effects caused due to injection of Cesarean.

new born, water child delivery

Water Birth Risks

Although water birth deliveries are really successful but still there are certain risks involved which are

  • Since the procedure is done in water, the baby can swallow contaminated water. Strike water also gets contaminated with vaginal and retinal flora: Well the baby usually inhales after coming out so there are very less chances of baby swallowing contaminated water.
  • Risk of infection: if you have any infection or maternal infection  you should not go for water birth.
  • If you have herpes because it is transferred in water: You should not go for a water birth delivery.
  • Water birth deliveries are very risky for pre-time babies or your baby is in breech position.
  • If you are having multiple babies although this procedure is successful for twins but still there is a risk.

All the risks can be avoided you just should take advice of a doctor before taking any decision.

Advantages of Water Birth

  • It is very safe and less painful due to presence of warm water.
  • Women feel it gives them more privacy.
  • It is easy for women to move and shift during delivery and take the most comfortable position.
  • It reduces their stress and anxiety  levels.
  • Gives more time to undergo birth procedure.
  • It is also beneficial for the baby as it provides a similar environment like amniotic sac.
  • It eases the stress of birth in that baby giving a sense of security.
  • No extra cuts or incisions are made during the procedure
  • No post delivery side effects because no medicine is used. Very similar to Normal delivery
  • It ensures a Normal delivery
  • Water birth cost similar money like Normal delivery just extra cost of tub and water will be their.

Disadvantages of Water Birth

  • It may slow down the process
  • If the bath tub is small one may suffer from muscle cramps
  • If you start to loose blood in water doctor may not be able to calculate your blood loss .
  • Baby born in water might have respiratory problems and infections.

Water Birth in India

water child delivery mother checkup

Water child delivery is now available in INDIA also. But this delivery is very rare in INDIA but some women have done this in INDIA this and were very positive about. As we have seen it has many advantages also it is cheaper because of no use of medicine/drugs and no extra cuts are made during procedure and very less painful. So we should promote water birth in INDIA and make child delivery process bearable for women

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