War: The graves of living skeletons

War: The graves of living skeletons

Since the medevial times and onesets,wars are the stakeholders of melancholy remittance of areas and personal conflits between suburbs and lands.This is considered as the only way in which how people divide their ownership on the prescripted amount of land and borders constructed across them to mark any kind of disturbance from the outside. But the only thing which recquires to be overseen is this the most usefull and peacefull manner to make things practical as per the set rules of human conduct? Or is division seen the only way to live in serenity and total liberity of one’s own ideas and culture.

War if defined technically is a fight to decide anonymous approval of which residents of the particular countries are considered more powerfull and dominating and can take over the reign of the other land as well.

In the 18 or 19 century, kings and their arms and forces would battle and after years of mass killings and bewilderments would result in the vanishing of one’s contigent and other would overpower the lost governor’s kingdom.On the other hand today, set governments and constitutions are established which lay their own ideologies and frameworks which confer the establishements of the countrie’s territories.

Talking on the commom terms of common prespective, wars are all the outcome of human wrath and descendets. it’s a very horrendous situation in which people all across the borders and areas are dying and people weeping in the loss of their loved ones,lives of various innocents being claimed and lots of bloodshed included.This not only causes a lot of withered scenario for the common folk, but also an insecurity in terms of the integrity of a country.Army being the worst effected by and a tones of worry and re-establishment cubicles to be constructed by the government.The most well accquinted and at peace are the minds of the non-human terrorists which don’t spare and trade human lives for the fulfillment of their own comfort,luxuries and benefits.

Pulwama Attack

Recently the Pulwama attack war incident is the most arousing sentiment well connected to this virtue in which a hefty amount of 400 army personnel were brutally attacked and which caused a lot of imbalance and national grave entity across the entire country.

Examples of such instances are many but the losses occurred can’t be replaced by any means of alternatives, the pious and pure blood running in the veins of those brave soldiers could not be overdriven again, and their immense love and prestige they withhold for there motherland cannot be foretold!

This vigorous and cruel system of wars could only come to an end when the overall famine of human souls would end! We have to decipher to the thought that we all our humans irrespective of castes, relegions, creed and colour. And we all lay just one faith and that is we all are humanist first and next a nationalist.

We need to make our minds and hearts clear that we need to be a human first so as to make this world a better place and not a custom reverence of hell!

“If everyone fought for their own convictions, there would be no war”


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