Ultimate life hacks to save Money

Ultimate life hacks to save Money

Since inception man had been always concerned about his belongings and money has always topped the list. Civilizations passed but problems regarding money seem eternal. Many intellectuals and buck-player preached about handling it but none of us has ever attained mastery in it. It seems like It is out of our control, money is now controlling us.

We work to earn money, but the problem is we know much about our work but never dared to know about money. It seems illogical to people to know about it because of the typical old-school mindset   “work hard to earn money”.

If this is the way, then masons, stone breakers and cleaners would have topped the league because they are the hardest worker in the room but for real they are one of the most financially struggling class.

As for job workers with fewer wages, they struggle too and 95% of the total world population is struggling with financial management and the causes are diverse.

Here are some ongoing financial problems the world is suffering with:


Modern slaves are not in chains, they are in debts.  People often take debts when it seems they run out of money. With no way to payback within the required time, interest plays its game of multiplication and, then it comes like an angel of death and blows away the person. Debts are fatal and have single-handedly taken many lives.

2. Over Expenses

People spend and they love it. but they don’t know where to spend and where not.

People kill their monthly income on parties or spending on extra stuff. The end they wonder where the hell their money is going. Failure to channelize expenditure results in financial degradation.

3. Fewer Income Streams

Suppose a worker is building a wall which takes 8 days to build alone. But, now employ a few more workers for the same thing and wall would be complete within 2 days.

My point is, adding more income streams or a way where more money can flow inside and takes less time to reach your financial goals.

People have only one income streams and they are dependent on it through their entire life. Whereas, money makers know the importance of this and have multiple

Income streams so that more money flows in.

These above money problems lead to many serious long-term problems in which FAILURE TO SAVE MONEY tops the merit list.


Saving money is people are always secondary choice after what they have left with spending their income without generating multiple income flow. This leads to failure of saving money and failure to their long-term financial goals.

Saving money can be so vital that nowadays people have failed to realize it’s importance.

Youths just spend and spend and leave savings just for their parents and do the same when they become a parent. And it’s high time they realize it has been always done in the wrong way. This is the hierarchical disease which passes on to generations after generations.

People have mounds of questions and doubts when it comes down to save money and I am going to mention the top three:

 Ques: How can I save money?

This is the first and foremost question when it comes down to saving. People are so confused with the ethics of saving  and eventually, they do it all wrong. There are few things one must keep in mind:

A. Make a Budget

Channelizing your monthly incoming and further dividing it into the parts of your expense, your daily expenditure, EMI, Bills and your other expense. It should be made clear and should be strictly followed.

 B. Frame Financial Goals

Your goals should be clear that includes your long-term goals and short ones. Goals as in what are your further plans in the future for investing and personal and family expenditure like college fees, home etc. It clears your vision for your financial growth.

C. Avoid Debt Traps

As I have earlier mentioned how fatal death can be for you and your financial loss. If you have any pending debts than you must clear it first by taking some part from your monthly wages because interest on your loan can increase without even your notice and will come to haunt you back.

D. Use cash or more instead of Debit or Credit cards

This is my personal all-time favourite. Let’s not get into the psychology of it but using cash will limit your spends over using credit or debit card. It feels heavy to take out hard cash and spend so maybe it can be the reason. Just kidding.

E. Follow a saving ratio

use a saving ratio from your monthly income to put some bucks in your piggy bank to meet your long-term financial goals. The general rule states that “save 30% from your monthly income strictly”. Don’t spend a penny from your 30% slot.

When it comes down to where to save money. Mass dilemma surrounds people and rookie ideas like a piggy bank and savings account is the first priority of people.

Most money players make a fortune of money not by saving but investing their savings.

Yes, invest your safe money in many areas where you can dig more ways to make money flow in like STOCKS, BONDS, RENTAL PROPERTIES, MUTUAL BONDS and many other ways.

Money in-dependency is the real freedom one can ever have. We all are slaves leveraged in the chains of money problems and only one solution is there to break those chains and set the beast free: EDUCATE YOURSELF FINANCIALLY.

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