Top 7 Photography Tips for DSLR

Top 7 Photography Tips for DSLR

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DSLR photography can be challenging and tough for a lot of you and you might not get the output you expect.  Those big numbers appearing in the screen can be confusing.  In order to get different results, you must apply to different settings. DSLR photography is an advanced way of photography and it can lead your images to unexpected and stunning levels. Performing DSLR photography with a basic camera such as Canon 1300D and Nikon 3100D is a stepping stone for learning DSLR photography. After mastering this, later you may move for semi-professional DSLR cameras such as Canon 80D or Nikon D5600. Today I will share some best photography tips for DSLR to achieve professional results. These tips are practical and easily achievable.

1. Select the best image format.

The first and foremost thing you should take into consideration while performing DSLR photography is choosing the best image format. There are a lot of different formats available in DSLR cameras namely JPEG, TIFF, EXIF, RAW. Image format defines the quality of the camera output. I strongly recommend you to capture images in raw format because it later helps you to recover details and color correction but if you are someone who doesn’t really edit images, you may use jpeg format. 

Selecting the best image format, Photography Tips for DSLR

2. Use a Tripod

A lot of people ignore this tip and ends up getting blurry and shaken photos. Using tripod can make DSLR photography bit easier especially in low light or landscape photography. Using tripod while performing DSLR photography can help you take crispy clear images of your subject. It’s not necessary to use expensive tripods because all we want is steady camera position and to achieve that you may also make good use of objects/things around you that can withstand your cameras such as rock or top of the wall or wooden boxes. So make sure you never ignore this photography tip for DSLR.

3. Learn and understand manual modes

These tips mainly focus on how to use manual modes available in DSLR,

I have divided these photography tips for DSLR into three parts.

Working of Manual Mode, Photography Tips for DSLR
Working on Manual Mode, Source: Nature Photography Simplified

There are 3 major components that really matters in DSLR photography. These three basic settings are shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

a. What is Shutter Speed?

These photography tips for DSLR help you to get panning shot of the speedy subjects around you.

Shutter speed is the time for which the shutter remains open. Higher shutter speed means low light but sharp image. Low speed shutter speed will give you bright image but it maybe shaky or blur if handheld.

Shutter Speed, Photography Tips for DSLR
Shutter Speed, Source: Youtube

b. What is Aperture?

Aperture defines the depth of the photo. Shallow depth (f2.8) means large aperture and greater depth of field (f22) means small aperture.

Role of aperture, Photography Tips for DSLR
What is Aperture, Source: Quora

c. What is ISO?

This feature is mainly used while performing night photography or low light photography.

ISO helps the camera to fill the light in darker areas. The higher the number of ISO the more noise you see. So I recommend you to keep it as low as possible.

Role of ISO, Photography Tips for DSLR
Role of ISO, Source: Digital Trends

Don’t panic if you aren’t able to learn three of them. You may also play with shutter priority and aperture priority modes available in DSLR camera.

4. Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in capturing photos, Photography Tips for DSLR
Lighting Plays an important role in capturing good photos, Source: B&H

As we know, Lighting is the key to stunning photography. Using light in the right way can give you jaw-dropping images outputs in DSLR photography. Along with that proper lighting will also make your photos look softer that will eventually make your photograph appealing for eyes. I would name it as the most important photography tips for DSLR.

You may use the DSLR camera flash as an external source of light or may even use soft box lighting for professional results. Moreover, you can use battery flashlight or simply the light of your phone while capturing portraits. Using flash in DSLR photography is not only limited you indoors but you can also use artificial lighting during bright sunlight. You may use wireless flash or reflector while shooting outdoors.

5. Master Compositions

What lyrics are to song is composition for photographers. Best photography tip for DSLR can be about compositions.

After completing the technical aspects of DSLR photography, all you need to work on is composition. There are  lot of composition rules in photography but they all are based on what you shoot. Some composition rules might work in one condition and may not fit in another.   

The major composition rules:

1. The rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is an incredible composition method for making photographs additionally intriguing and dynamic. This is easy to understand rule. All you need to do is divide your images into 9 segment and place your subject at the intersecting lines as shown below.

The Rule of thirds, Photography Tips for DSLR
The rule of Thirds, Source: Pretty Presets for Lightroom

2. Leading Lines

Leading lines are another incredible composition apparatus that we use to improve composition of the photographs. Leading lines are one of the least complex thoughts in structure, yet in addition the most dominant since they draw your watchers into your photographs.

Leading Lines, Photography Tips for DSLR
Leading Lines, Source: EnewsTimes

you may also break these rules if they don’t really look good or fit into your frames.

6. Play with different White Balance

White balance plays a major role in deciding colors of the pictures. Choosing right whie balance can totally change he game of DSLR photography and it can change boring colours into appealing colors. There are different white balance option for different conditions.

Setting White Balance, Photography Tips for DSLR
Setting White Balance, Source: Photography Life

Isn’t this just awesome? It really changes the tones of the photo and makes it moody.

Different white balances are available in DSLRs namely FLASH, CLOUDY, AUTO WB (WHITE BALANCE), DAYLIGHT, FLUORESCENT, and TUNGSTEN.   You may also set your custom white balances as per your conveniences. Believe me adjusting white balances will let you play with colors.

7. Always try to be Creative

Doing slur photography with creativity will definitely bring you awesome results.

Here are the creative photography tips for DSLR.

  • Try to click images with different angles, capturing images with different angle will give you different perspective and leave your audience with a new view on something
  • Try light painting at night. With very low shutter speed (5”-30”) you can actually trace the light and move light around your frame. You may also capture star and galaxy using same method.
  • Use filters while capturing moving objects such as water and clouds. You may also try to bring same result by covering your lens with dark black plastic.
Be Creative, Photography Tips for DSLR
Be Creative, Source: FStoppers

Pro Tip- Learn and Practice

 In order to master DSLR photography, you must abide by this photography tips for DSLR and explore it more and more. The photographers are like wine they get better with age. So more you experience it the better pictures you will get. Always carry your slur wherever you travel, because we never know what we may experience while travelling.

The more you click, the more you learn and hence you get better results.

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