Top 10 Trending Technologies to get involved in

Top 10 Trending Technologies to get involved in

Top 10 Trending Technologies to learn this 2019

Hello everyone, as you all know world is advancing swiftly. We being must learn new technologies to move along the pace of advancement. I am presenting here the Top 10 Technologies which must be learnt.


 In this rapid developing world, everything is going automated. Generally, most of the work is nowadays are repetitive in nature and can be done automatically be robots. RPA allows us to automate these repetitive tasks.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation:

⦁ It gives extreme accuracy and uniformity i.e. task will be less prone to error or typos.

⦁ It also improves employee morale i.e. the workers can dedicate more time to engaging and interesting works.

⦁ It increases the productivity i.e. process cycles time are much faster as compared to manual process cycles.

⦁ It increases the reliability too i.e. robots can work tirelessly 24/7 without interrupts.

⦁ It increases consistency as the tasks are performed in same way each and every day.

⦁ There is low technical barrier as no programming skills necessary to configure a bot.


Big Data Analysis is a method which is prevailing nowadays to increase the success chances of a project. Big data analytics project attempt to compute the product’s success on the basis of past data records, surveys and return data. Big data has the potential to help companies improve operations and make faster, more intelligent decisions. The data is collected from number of sources like emails, mobile devices, applications, databases, servers and many more means. The data captured is formatted, manipulated, stored and analyzed which help companies to adjust themselves accordingly. The biggest example of usage of Big Data Analysis was “Germany winning the Football World Cup 2014”. In 2013, Germany’s head of scouting and match analyst Cristofer Clemens spent 4 days with SAP (A German Company) to discuss plans about a tool that would help players understand the mistakes caused during match. The result was a mobile application through which coaches send videos and important information to players before training camps. This resulted in Germany winning the World Cup 2014.


Intelligent apps, as the name gives idea of their working are used to make our everyday tasks easier. This technology uses Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to make such apps which helps in managing our tasks. This involves tasks like organizing and prioritizing emails, logging interaction and content, etc. Some of the examples of Intelligent Apps are chat bots and assistants.


Internet of Things is a concept to connect everyday physical objects to internet and allowing them to be identified to other devices. It is basically connecting many devices and creating a virtual network which helps in controlling those devices from single monitoring center. These devices include everything from mobile phones, refrigerator, washing machines and almost every electronic devices we can think of.

Uses of IoT in different fields:

(i) Transportation: – Self-parking cars, GPS locators, performance tracking

(ii) Security: – Bio-metric and facial recognition locks, remote sensors

(iii) Retail: – Inventory tracking, smartphone purchasing, anonymous analytics of consumer choices

(iv) Health care: – Portable health monitoring, electronic record keeping, pharmaceutical safeguards

(v) Business/ Manufacturing: – Real-time analytics of supply chains and equipment, Robotic machinery

 6. DevOps 

DevOps is a combination of two words Development and Operations. It is collaboration between Development and Operations team to deploy code to produce faster in an automated & repeatable way. It increases the speed to deliver applications and services. It helps in serving customers better and compete more strongly in market.

Benefits of DevOps: –

⦁ Improved deployment frequency

⦁ Low failure rate of new releases

⦁ Short lead time between fixes

⦁ Faster time to market

⦁ Improved MTR

 5. Angular and React

Angular is a JavaScript framework written in Typescript whereas React is a JavaScript library.

Angular was developed and is maintained by Google whereas React was developed and is maintained by Facebook. Both the frameworks are available under MIT license. Services like Instagram, WhatsApp,  Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, Netflix and Dropbox uses React. Services like General Motors, Upwork, Google, HBO, Nike

Benefits of React:

⦁ Better use experience

⦁ Faster Development

⦁ Time-saving

⦁ Code stability with One-directional data binding

Benefits of Angular:

⦁ Cleaner code

⦁ Higher Performance with Lower App size

⦁ Material Design-like Interface

⦁ Better Error Handling

⦁ Seamless Updates using Angular CLI


Cloud Computing is the service which allows using a network of remote servers hosted on internet. Cloud computing is capable of Cloud Database, Test and Development, Website Hosting, Big Data Analytics, File Storage and Sharing, Backup and disaster Recovery, Business applications and many more uses.

Benefits of cloud computing: –

⦁ Dynamic Scaling

⦁ Shared resources

⦁ Pay as you Go Model

⦁ Increased mobility

⦁ Less or No CAPEX

⦁ High availability

⦁ Easy to manage

⦁ High productivity

⦁ Environment friendly

⦁ Less deployment time

3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, also called AR and VR are the technologies in which physical real-world environment is simulated using computers. These technologies are used in various fields like medical practitioners use AR to learn operations of living organisms, Flight simulations are used in Pilot training, Gaming and interactive marketing uses these too. A very popular game Pokémon Go is based on these techs.

Benefits of AR/VR: –

⦁ With AR and VR, user experience is enhanced.

⦁ Language barrier is decreased using these techs.

⦁ It allows us to generate detailed analytics of user behavior.


It is tech that powers the bitcoins. It is used to record transactions across many computers so that any record can’t be altered. It has a far-reaching potential in everything from Healthcare to elections to real estate to law enforcement.

Working of BlockChain: –

⦁ Blockchain keeps a record of all data exchanges.

⦁ It utilizes a distributed system to verify each transaction.


Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is existing even before invent of a computer. It is the intelligence displayed by machines. It is an area of computer Science that power the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence: –

⦁ Cognitive Science Applications

⦁ Expert Systems

⦁ Learning Systems

⦁ Fuzzy Logic

⦁ Genetic Algorithms

⦁ Neural Networks

⦁ Intelligent agents

⦁ Robotics Applications

⦁ Visual Perception

⦁ Tactility

⦁ Dexterity

⦁ Locomotion

⦁ Navigation

⦁ Natural Interface Applications

⦁ Natural Languages

⦁ Speech Recognition

⦁ Multi-sensory Interfaces

⦁ Virtual Reality

Choose one or choose all, either way have a happy career this 2019!

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