Top 10 Energy Sources to cover the Future

Top 10 Energy Sources to cover the Future

The fundamental currency of our universe is energy. Almost everything that we need in our daily life depends on energy. Energy fuels our economies and empowers many of the services that we depend on like our schools, hospitals and means of transport. But despite the importance of it, on one hand we have over a billion of people who still don’t have electricity and on the other hand, those of us who have enjoyed the benefits of it, we have relied on sources that are harming the environment we have consumed energy in unsustainable ways and that is causing climate change. Right now two-thirds of those emissions come from the way we generate and use energy. So if we really want to address climate change and achieve the Paris agreement we need to change our ways. We need to move away from sources that are causing the emissions and transition to options that are cleaner sustainable and more efficient like renewable energy, using the power of the Sun, wind and hydro. We need to raise our ambition and that means we need to do much more, we need to do it better and we to do it faster and the time to act is now. Here are some ways which we can use as energy sources in future world:

10. Space based Solar Power

Sapce based solar power 10 sources of energy
Source- Smithsonian Magazine

What else can be better, if we use Sun for our energy needs? We can built large solar farms in space that will collect uninterrupted solar radiation. Giant mirrors will reflect huge amount of solar rays to small solar collectors. This energy will be wirelessly beamed to earth as either microwave or laser beam. It is still an idea because it’s very big and expensive project.

9. Human Power

Human Power in 10 sources of energy

There are many human powered devices still in the market. Scientists are trying to generate energy from normal human movement. Some idea on which Han are working are like charging of devices when kept in pocket. Also there are small body – worn systems that produce electricity when we move. It’s not going to contribute much, but definitely can be helpful.

8. Tidal Power

Tidal power in 10 sources of energy
Source- emaze

About 71% of earth is water filled. So why not we use the water to produce the electricity. Huge hinged flaps can be attached to ocean floor and as it opens and closes – high pressure wave can be produced which can be used to generate electricity.

7. Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Fuel Cell in 10 sources of energy

Hydrogen (H2) is most abundant in the universe. It is very high in energy and an engine that burns pure hydrogen produces almost no pollution. This is the reason for using Hydrogen fuel in space programs. But we aren’t powering the entire world with hydrogen because it only exists on our planet in combination with other elements like oxygen. Many airplanes are being tested that fly on hydrogen. Also, Hydrogen fuel cars are being manufactured on a fairly large scale. This will also be beneficial in reducing pollution.

6. Geothermal heat from underground Lava Beds

Geothermal heat in 10 sources of energy

It is a method of producing energy from the heat rising from depth of molten core of earth. It can power millions of homes around the world. Engineer can tap hot spots for geothermal energy by sucking up hot briney ground water, converting it to steam to power turbines and then delivering the resulting electricity to main power grid.

5. Nuclear Waste

Nuclear waste in 10 sources of energy
A spent fuel pool at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station near San Clemente, Calif.

Nuclear fission power plants are being used for decade. They use light – water Technology to surround fuel rods with water which slows the neutrons and hence allow sustained nuclear reaction. But only 5% of the uranium atoms in rod get used before it has to be removed. 95% is stocked as nuclear waste. But finally, there comes another, more efficient way, called fast reactor. In this, rods are submerged in liquid sodium instead of 5% usage.

4. Solar Windows

Solar windows in 10 sources of energy
Source- dai-ichiindia

It is common to see glass windows on building nowadays. With the invention of quantum dot solar cell technology that will allow highly efficient solar panels to double as transparent windows. If we found a way to reduce the cost of this then within few years every sun exposed window will have potential to be converted into a mini power station.

3. Bio Fuel (Algae)

bio fuel Algae in 10 sources of energy
Source- University of Michigan News

Algae belongs to kingdom protista. These are simple unicellular organisms. They utilize the sun for energy by performing photosynthesis and are highly adapted to marine or freshwater environment. In terms of energy, these are defined as unicellular autotrophic organisms that can convert carbon dioxide onto lipids which after esterification, can be utilized as an energy source.

2. Flying Wind Farms

Flying wind farms in 10 sources of energy
Source- GineersNow

We already have wind turbines constructed on ground and provide descent amount of energy but what if we take those turbines at a height of 1k to 2k feet where winds are stronger and consistent. The system is simple: a structure with a wind turbine tethered securely to the ground. This will provide twice as much power as similar sized tower mounted turbine provide. It can even auto adjust its floating height to where the best wind is.

1. Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion in 10 sources of energy
Source- Digital Trends

It’s similar to building a sun on earth or bottle a star. Sun shines because of Nuclear fusion. Fusion is a thermonuclear process meaning that the ingredient have to be incredibly hot that the atoms are stripped of their electrons making a plasma where nuclei and electrons bounce around freely. Since nuclei are all positively charged , they repel each other. In order to overcome this repulsion, the particle have to be “very fast” means “very hot”, millions of degrees. Stars cheat to reach these temperature. The pressure in their core generate the heat to squeeze the nuclei together until they merge and fuse, creating heavier nuclei and releasing energy. It is this energy which scientist hope to harness in a new generation of power plant, “ The Fusion Reactor.”

Hope these energy sources are enough for the future”

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