TOLIPREMA – The evergreen and cult classic

TOLIPREMA – The evergreen and cult classic

The game-changer and evergreen film in Telugu Film Industry. When TFI audience were fed up with routine and out-dated screen play PawanKalyan-Karunakaran’s first collaborated movie “Toliprema” released and became Sensational hit of the year in 1998. PawanKalyan’s screen presence, acting , mannerism made fans to cults. Keerthi Reddy’s performance in movie makes us involved in movie. Everyone who experienced their first love can visualize themselves in the movie.100% clean and decent movie with freshness. Music Director Deva’s fresh music is also a plus point to movie. It also bagged many Nandi awards in 1999. No drawbacks for this movie only Highlights, Positive points which made movie huge.

It show cased the difficulties and Situations faced by boys in middle class family where his father scolds him(PawanKalyan) every time as he is unemployed but his uncle supports him and believes him. Climax makes us feel new to trend and it even received appreciation from Audience.

Positive Aspects 

  • Pawan Kalyan
  • Lead pair chemistry
  • Music 
  • New way of talking movie 
  • Humor

Negative Aspects 

  • Null

Interesting fact

  • There is no duet in this movie and it’s the only movie in TFI without female vocal

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