Briefly Explained- Time Lapse vs Hyper lapse

Briefly Explained- Time Lapse vs Hyper lapse

Have you ever wondered how do cinematographers and videographers make appealing and buttery smooth fast motion video? A lot of you will call it fast motion video and some will call it time lapse.

You might also have noticed the feature of time-lapse in your Smartphone video settings. Don’t worry if you haven’t as this article is aimed to provide you every single detail on how you can capture those eye appealing fast motion videos and get professional results. Reading below paragraphs will make you understand the best techniques of fast motion videography that is Time-Lapse vs Hyper-Lapse. This kind of videos is the result of too many frames combined forming a single video. This might sound complex but believe me reading this article to the fullest will make it easy to understand for you. We will discuss two major techniques that are used to achieve that fast and buttery motion of videos.

Time Lapse vs Hyper Lapse

The hyper-lapse and time-lapse somewhat seems the same but there is some major difference between them that makes them different from each other. Let us take a look at both of them and compare both hyper-lapse and time lapse in order to check which stands out the most and which technique is far better or easier than the other.

 What is Time Lapse?, time lapse vs hyper lapse
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What is Time Lapse?

Time-lapse is a set of frames combined together to form a video. The frames may vary from 7 fps to 240 fps where ‘fps’ stands for frames per second. You may call time-lapse as a fast motion video. Moreover, a video is called time-lapse when shot from a stationary position. You will have to place your device at stationary position irrespective of the moving subject, foreground or background.

What is Hyper-Lapse?

A hyper-lapse is time-lapse but unlike Time-lapse, the camera doesn’t remain constant. The basic principle that differentiates a hyper lapse from time-lapse is the movement. In Hyper-lapse, movement is involved between each shot taken in a particular interval of the shooting process. Hyper-lapse involves shooting multiple images with equal unit distance moving towards or away from the subject.

Difference between Time Lapse vs Hyper Lapse

Hyper LapseTime Lapse
The camera remains in motion. The camera remains stationary.
The subject is stationary. The subject might be moving or stationary.
The focus is on one subject. The focus could be on one or more subject.

How to capture Time Lapse?

You can capture time-lapse phone as well as DSLR. For shooting time-lapse in the phone as well as DSLR you will require a common equipment tool in order to maintain the stability of your videos. You may Use a sturdy tripod of high quality for DSLR. You will also require a gorilla pod or good quality mobile tripod. 

So if you want to shoot time-lapse, first of all, you will have to decide what length of video you want to shoot. Based upon the conclusion you will then have to perform a certain set of calculations. Along with that, you will also need to decide the frame rate of your video. The frame rate might be 24fps, 30 fps or 60fps.

Lets us take an example and understand the calculation process.

Suppose you want to shoot a time-lapse video of 30 sec with 24 fps.

30 sec X 24 fps = 720 shoots

So this becomes your pre-requisite for time-lapse. But along with that you also need to keep in mind that you will have to keep your shutter speed same throughout the time-lapse shoot.

So you will have to shoot 720 pictures in order to create a time-lapse video of 30 sec.

Let us now see how to determine how much time it will take you to shoot the video.

720 X shutter speed = total time required to shoot 30 sec video.

So after finishing the calculation all you need to choose your location. Mount your tripod in a perfect position and start shooting at regular interval. While taking time-lapse make sure you set up your focus manually and lock it. Try to use shutter remote In order to minimize the minor shake caused due to clicking the shutter button of the camera.

Thereafter all you need to do is post-processing of the images in Adobe Photoshop and premier pro.

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How to capture Hyper Lapse?

To record a hyper-lapse, you will also have to perform the calculation before you go out to shoot and follow the same rule of calculation. You will also require a sturdy tripod of good quality.

When it comes to shooting hyper-lapse, think in terms of your camera having legs because most commonly in hyper-lapse you will use a tripod and move forward with your tripod and take your frames.

A very common hyper-lapse technique is to strictly focus on one particular subject make it frame of reference in your composition and as you move forward with your camera, you will have to keep your focus on that particular subject. There so many creative approaches that you may use to create stunning hyper-lapse other than just moving toward or away from the subject. You can also shoot hyper-lapse in visually appealing ways according to your perspective and imaginations.

How to shoot Time Lapse on your mobile phone?

It’s really easy to make a time-lapse video from your smartphone. Unlike DSLR you will not have to make any kind of calculation for calculating the frames per second. Moreover, you will get your time-lapse done in one tap with not much further work for post-processing.

 Here are the general steps you need to follow in order to activate the time-lapse option. The steps might vary from device to device but this is the most common way to activate the time-lapse in any smartphone.

  1. Open video section in your camera.
  2. Activate the option of time-lapse.
  3. Mount your device with a tripod.
  4.  Find the perfect frame for your video.
  5. Make sure the time-lapse option is active and tap on the shutter button.

If your camera doesn’t have an inbuilt time-lapse feature. You can download an application that helps you to take out time-lapse videos using you phone.

So the conclusion is hyper-lapse and time-lapse is more of the same thing with only the major difference of the camera movement. Though hyper-lapse look more stunning and better than compared to time-lapse videos. I expect you got the difference between time-lapse vs. hyper lapse.

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