Surprising Truth about Consanguineous Marriages

Surprising Truth about Consanguineous Marriages

BLOOD-RELATED marriages are called consanguineous marriage. In clinical terms, marriage between two members of same family or between first/second cousins is termed as consanguineous marriage. This concept is based on the gene copies which a child reicives from his parents.

Consanguineous marriages are common amongst Afghans. The problem with this type of marriage is that it may cause transfer of two recessive defective genes some from mother and some from father to their children which gives child fully defective genes. Now if siblings of this same family will marry these defective genes may become dominant in their offspring.

An Example Showing Problem With Consanguiness Marriage 

Let us consider a father having sugar/diabeties as one of his recessive traits.Now, this diagram shows us the possibility of his diabeties beimg passed on

Consanguineous marriages problem example

Fisrt child- inherits 50% of his diabetic gene and 25%of which is transeferred to his son and daughter in this example

Cases Of Consanguiness Marriage In This Example

Sibling Marriage- If both siblings marry then there child will get 50% of their diabetic gene making the sum 100% and making him suffer from diabetes.

Second generation Marriage- If grandchildren of father marry then they will get 50% of father diabetic traits which can become dominant gene in a child.

Cousin Marriage- If the cousins marry then also 50% of the diabetic genes will be transferred to the child which may be dominant or recessive.

In this example we only studied about diabeties being passed on while in real life a variety of defective recessive genes and in different percentages can be tranferred in children.


A  child inherits 50% traits from his mother and 50% traits from his father which may become recessive or dominant in the child.

This problem of passing of defective genes is higly common in consanguineous marriage because same genes are transferred because siblings have same parents so they have almost same genes and there is very high chance that toses defective recessive genes will be passed on in higher percentage due to combination of same genes from mother and father  and it due to higher percentage this gene will become dominant in their offsprings.

Effects Of Consanguinity

Consanguinity is a deeply rooted social trend among one-fifth of the world population mostly residing in the Middle East, West Asia and North Africa, as well as among emigrants from these communities now residing in North America, Europe and Australia.

Consanguineous marriages Effects


As you can see there are large variety of problems cause due to cansanguiness marriange. Only way to avoid these problems is to avoid cousin marriage and educate people about these problems and try know about family traits of a person before marriage in order to avoid defective genes to be passed on to your child and have a healthy baby which will also decrease death rate of babies in our country.

Consanguineous couples should be adequately informed about their increased reproductive risk and possibilities for genetic counselling.

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