Skills you need to ace in this Galloping era

Skills you need to ace in this Galloping era

A human is made up of 3 certain elements which are mind, body and soul and thus life, revolves around these 3 things. Times change a second after second, minutes after minutes and days after days. But, these 3 elements often remain same rigid like an iron, hard to bend. In order to ace in this mad-rush era, one needs to update himself with certain skill sets.

A man with old skill sets can’t survive in this era just like a knight of a medieval era can’t be a hammering-soldier of a special forces now.

Sharing some basic life skills to learn:

basic life skills to learn like Good Speaker and Good Listener

1. Speaking, listening:

Listening: Listening is a fine art. Listen more, speak less. master this art and it will help you in mysterious ways. It will make you a more sophisticated personality.

Remember: We have 2 ears and 1 mouth.

Speaking: Speak in the right way. Be effective, your voice should be effective enough to catch everyone’s attention. Not too loud, not too feeble. Create anticipation, give pauses. Pronounce the words well.

2. Writing

This is a skill which will be with you till death and even lives forever. It’s said no one can steal from the writer for him, words are the only treasure.

Practice effective writing, informal formal both. It helps one to keep sorted by writing journals or even one can start any blog or write content for websites.

3. Learn the art of money:

Money had always been a mystery to man and always considered it as a gamble when it comes down to generating revenues ignorant of the fact that it is a calculated move.

  • Personal finance:

Learn the art of saving by a particular ratio of your own choice. Track down and deduct your expenses. You will thank me later for this.

  • Investing:

Don’t work for the money let the money work for you. Read rich dad and poor dad by Robert t. Kiyosaki.

4. Body and your brain:

  • Pick one sport:

This is for maintaining your physical health and keeping you in active mode. Choose any of the sport you like, and join a club or academy.

Active Brain and Body in Life Skills to learn
Source- Chicas Imagenes
  • Dive into books:

Good books are the best and most accessible source of theoretical knowledge. Books are vast ocean of knowledge and helps you to escape the reality and be in a realm.

5. An extra lingua franca:

Learning a new language really develops your brain wiring, neurons and all other bio stuffs but it enhances one’s personality.

So, These were the basic life-skills you will need everywhere, but let’s talk about some hard skills needed in professional life:

  1. Blockchain Coding
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Data Visualization
  4. Data Scientist / Mining.
  5. Content writing.
  6. Blogging.
  7. Software developer.

These are few skills which are high in demand right now career wise but a free advice, try to master those above one’s and eventually you will find no difficulties no matter which era it is.

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