Should one choose Data Science as a career field?

Should one choose Data Science as a career field?

Data Science basically is a blend of mathematics, programming, statistics and design which are applied in order to successfully manage the digital data bank. The main 3 spices involved in data science are organizing, packaging and playing with data. Overall, it is an amalgamation of algorithm development, data, statistics and technology in order to solve complex problems.

Now who is a data scientist?

He is a geek, I would rather say a sharp geek with some traits of a Programmer, Machine Learning Engineer, Statistician, a Storyteller, Analyst, Cleverness, business minded person and with some precise communication skills.

A Data scientist performs research and analysis on data and helps companies to improve business by predicting growth, graphs and business insights based on huge amounts of data. They work as a Nostradamus for some big companies who are Armed with some hot and inbound data and analytical results, a top-tier data scientist will then communicate the conclusions and recommendations to his elites of a particular organization.

Scope of Data Scientists in this decade:

Being a Data Scientist is one of the hottest and trending career option of the decade and still has its graphs to the moon. The need for data scientists is enormous, the number is said to be much higher than the available candidates. So, choosing this as a career option has a lot of scopes and will remain so in the near future.

Future of Data Science
Source – NFactorial

The demand for skilled data scientists in India is incredibly high. Jobs such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Statisticians has topped the most wanted list by companies. They are hefty paid and it has much more to promise.

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Some companies who hire data scientists:

Service-based company— Fractal Analytics, Uber, Goldman Sachs, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, KPMG, mu sigma, Accenture.

Product-based company— Amazon, payTM etc.

Fundamental Requirements to ace as a data scientist:

a) Linear Algebra: To understand various algorithms.

b) Multivariable Calculus: To understand various algorithms.

c) Probability and Statistics: To understand various algorithms.

d) Coding in at least one Language preferably Python/R: Scripting and Development.

e) SQL and Excel: Probably the two tools you will use the most.

f) Knowledge of machine Learning algorithms:

Some online sources from where you can learn:

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