PUBG vs TikTok – Which is more Popular?

PUBG vs TikTok – Which is more Popular?

The latest trend of today’s generation, TikTok (previously and PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground ). Youth has got struck between PUBG vs TikTok. Both got viral among the youth in a matter of time and people go crazy using both the applications. They spend hours using these apps in their whole day.

These apps cannot be compared as both the apps have different concept. TikTok is a video app while PUBG is a gaming app.
TikTok is a media app for creating and sharing short videos over internet and other social media platform. It is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company. This app was launched as Douyin in China in September 2016 and later introduced to the overseas market as TikTok one year later. It is leading and popular short video platform in Asia, United States, and other parts of the world. In 2018, the application gained popularity and became the most downloaded app on both Android and IOS in the U.S. in October 2018 and has gone viral in India too.

As of 2018, it is available in over 150 markets, and in 75 languages all over the world.

List of languages:

Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Cebuano, English, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Korean, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

The application allows users to create short music videos or dialogue from famous bollywood or Hollywood songs of 3-15 seconds, and short looping videos of 3-60 seconds. In July 2018, the app had more than 500 million users all over the world.

Whereas Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. In the game, 100 players can play together with each other. They are been dropped from an airplane to an unknown island. The players have to collect guns, their bullets, medikit and various things. They have to kill opponent and survive till the end. As the match goes on the play area decrease bringing scatters players to one location at the end. 

The winners of this match are honored by the famous tag line of this game called “ Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” 

PUBG in PUBG vs TikTok
PUBG (Player Unknown BattleGrounds)

Required Specification:

TikTok does required much hardware, software support. TikTok can be operated in any smartphone. It is compatible with almost all the smartphones. It is 69 MB app available to download in play store for android user and apps store for iOS users.

Whereas PUBG required certain hardware and software support necessary in the smartphone on which it is to be played. Otherwise, it will start lagging and heating your phone too much. Or will not start only if your smartphone has basic graphics support facility. The game size is also up to 2GB plus internal maps download etc. So your phone should have minimum 3-4 GB space left for smooth working of game.

Earning opportunity:

There are many people those who goes famous just by uploading TikTok videos on various social platforms. For e.g.. Garima Chaurasiya, Sagar Gosami. Their videos got viral in few days, and they got famous which helps to generate revenue through influencing people about the variety of products of different brands. They get paid for this job. Currently Jannat Zubair is most followed celebrity of india on TikTok . She has about 10 million followers on TikTok .

While playing PUBG also create earning opportunities for people. There have been many tournaments arranged domestically and internationally. The winners of this tournament get huge price money. Also, live streaming PUBG on YouTube help them to create revenue. People watch their gameplay and gives paytm donation or superchats. Currently there are many gaming channels, who do  live stream of PUBG but there are few channels those who earns in lakhs per month playing PUBG. The famous gaming channels are Dynamo gaming, Kroten gaming.

Health factor: 

Making TikTok videos or watching them on your mobile does not affect on your health but it’s sometimes dangerous to make video in public places, etc.
Playing PUBG for long times, has a bad effects on eyes and causes many health problems. There have been much news coming out of children’s dead or accident while playing this game.

Seeing the popularity or effect of these game many states in India has banned this game in their respective states and if someone has been caught playing is sentenced to jail.

Tiktok in PUBG vs TikTok
TikTok, the most downloaded app of AppStore

Some stats on PUBG vs TikTok :

Most downloaded app in Apple store/ Playstore in 2018. 227 million monthly players and 87 million daily players.
20 million active Indian users. 240 million times downloaded on android and IOS.
Downloaded by 1 in every 7 people in Thailand. 50 million game CD sold of various platform.
The purchase price is between $800 M and $1 B. $1.03 Billion earned in 2018 neglecting android.
Available in 75 different languages all over the world. 13 million cheating players banned.
$1.4 million estimated monthly earning. PUBG players spend average of $1.1 million on the game.
41% aged between 16-24. PUBG Viewed On Twitch Was 2.032 Billion minutes.

What are your thoughts on PUBG vs TikTok and which one you use more share with us in the comment section below!!

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