Present Condition of teens: EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY

Present Condition of teens: EMOTIONAL  INSTABILITY

Ranging from the mildest emotional outbursts to suicide attempts, what not has to consider as an emotional weakness in today’s scenario?…especially when it comes to the reinsake endurance of teenage emotions.
We all know how an emotional hurt or grudge can transform a person completely from being the mildest feather to a wild demon! From a vital wise being to a mad mental creep! But the question arises why are the present day adults so insecure about their own emotional wellness?
Are there some anomalies in terms of imparting values to the younger generation or is it the fault of the system? Quite thinkable indeed!
But the right approach is that the fault lies in the glimpse of both the parental guidance and approach when it comes to tackling their own children and as well as the way of judging and attributing manners controlled by the society and people around us.
For instance take an example: -a girl being just 18 wounded her wrists and cut her nerves just to prove her love for her so-called boyfriend!
Now, who has to be blamed in such cases..of course, the teenagers themselves! the reasons which propelled the girl for undertaking such a heinous task are many and linked with our agenda!

Lack of parental freeness and support which led her to go against all self-values just for the approval of mere love of her beloved.
Lack of personal empathy which made her suffer from all emotional syndromes and lowness leading to self-hate and desired suicidal attempts.
Emotional weakness and stability being the major contributor making her exceptionally helpless and deceivable to perform activities which are not suited or accepted by the lot.

There are ample instances which duly point to the severe emotional downtrodden attitude kept by almost all individuals today! The only measures which can bring this fault out are-
We should communicate more and worry less, clear all our doubts so that our mind is free of any grudges and mental callousness.

Secondly parents should shut down the charter of being extremely strict and be more patient and friendly in handling there wards which will help reduce all the meaningless atrocities committed by them. We should keep ourselves more equipped with our choice of hobby and work so that mind doesn’t lean on making false assumptions and than lamenting on petty issues. We should all consider and understand the fact that life is precious so are we and it should be spent on a happy advent without holding any accusations and hatred against anyone.” Forgive and forget” is the key to mental peace. In the end, I would like to leave a beautiful line which truly accomplishes all our grievances.
We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

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