MyCaptain- The platform to learn, earn and grow for students!

MyCaptain- The platform to learn, earn and grow for students!

More than 1.5M students graduate every year in India.

How many students out of them actually go and pursue their passion?

There is as such no data regarding this but, I am sure the number is definitively very low.

As a teenager, you get to discover that following your passion is difficult in India as neither the education system offers ample time, relevant knowledge, and right motivation nor society supports it.

We are judged based on our ability to memorize content and attend classes, in India, isn’t it?

This is one of the core problems being focussed upon in MyCaptain.

What is MyCaptain?

We live in a country where future writers, designers, developers, entrepreneurs are clueless about how to take the first step into their passionate career. As a result, they are pushed into the fields they aren’t interested in.
At MyCaptain, they aim to create a Passion Revolution and solve this problem by providing opportunities to students to pursue their dream.

MyCaptain is an online mentoring platform by young people from across the globe to mentor school and college students in their fields of interest and passions.

At MyCaptain we connect Schools and College students to young Achievers(Captains) in their field of passion. We mentor students through long online workshops where they experience the basics of a field in a practicle and guided manner. The students get to join a community of like-minded individuals from all across the country, attend MyCaptain meetups, events and get internship opportunities.

What is MyCaptain

Courses offered by MyCaptain:

  • All access passport (access to all workshops) for Rs. 3999
  • Business 101 Pack (Mini MBA) for Rs. 2999
  • Tech Wizard Pack (access to 6 tech workshops) for Rs. 2999
  • Visual Artists’ Pack (Photography, Film making and design) for Rs. 2999
  • Writers’ choice pack (explore 6+ genres of writing) for Rs. 2999

How MyCaptain Works?


  • Self-learning modules with content
  • curated and created by your mentor.


  • Chat based discussion with your
  • Mentor scheduled for evenings.
  • Learn more and clear your doubts.


  • Small assignments designed to give you a hands-on experience in the field.


Live video sessions with Influencers and Industry leaders. Regular updates in your domain of interest.

Benefits to work with MyCaptain


Stay updated about about the currently active internship opportunities and get real time experience in your field of passion.


Get live video masterclass sessions with achievers, celebrities and industry experts in your field of interest.


Stay updated with events all across India in your field of passion. Free and discounted tickets are avaialable for all events.

Work with MyCaptain

MyCaptain is a safe space for passions. Everyone in our workspace is a young multi-talented individual who wants to change how learning and education works in the World. This is a space where Young Mentors, Energetic Educators, Operations hustlers, charming Marketers and designers, brilliant developers all come together to help young people discover and pursue their passions in ways they didn’t even know were possible!

An NSRCEL IIM Bangalore incubated startup and recognised by the United Nations SDSN as one of the top 50 youth led solutions in the World, we at MyCaptain have mentored over 40,000 students across various fields of passion so far. Right from Entrepreneurship to Novel Writing, from Design to Stand Up Comedy, from App Development to Film Making, we are spreading a revolution in India (and the world), one passion at a time.

Work with MyCaptain
Work with My Captain

Job Roles:

Operations Executive

1. Recruitment and Training of Campus Ambassadors from Universities across the country. Our Campus Ambassadorships are the largest in India, with a presence in more than 600+ Colleges. To make sure MyCaptain expands into more and more Colleges / Schools, you are supposed to recruit, train and build the Campus Ambassadors to spread MyCaptain’s Passion Revolution!

2. Partnering with Universities / Colleges and Schools to drive MyCaptain programs. We also partner with Colleges and Schools for Offline and Online learning experiences. We conduct Events, boot camps, competitions and build tons for brilliant learning experiences. You will play a pivotal role in organizing, conducting and managing such partnerships and collaborations.

3. Following up on leads generated from Marketing. Where you will be talking to potential mentees, helping them understand what their Passions are, and how they can be taking steps forward in the same.

4. Market Research – Market research is an essential part of your recruiting and training Campus Ambassadors from Universities across the Country. This is where you understand what the Students of that city are passionate about, and how to fill the gap between the jobs they are looking for and the skills that they need for the same.

5. Leading Expansions in New Markets. Expanding into newer Colleges / Universities / Schools to achieve deeper Market penetration in specific cities. This is done by conducting Market research, recruiting and training campus ambassadors, and helping Market MyCaptain in those cities/colleges.

6. Other job roles as per the requirement of the company.

Educational Content Designer

1. Selecting new passions and Creating workshops – You will be responsible for identifying passions and interests that are on the rise and working with the Captains to create workshops in these fields. For this, you will need to have a sense of the trends relevant to our age groups.

2. Ideating on videos around concepts – This role would involve you ideating on each topic in the workshop and identifying the best possible way to explain it using analogies and activities. You will need to be creative, interested and well read in multiple topics ranging from technology to arts to business.

3. Managing interns and freelancers for video creation – The video recording and creation will be outsourced to interns, captains or freelancers. Your role would be to manage the timelines and ensure timely completion of the projects by these individuals.

4. Editing the learning content for the workshops – MyCaptain runs online workshops in various fields ranging from AI and App Development to Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing to Psychology, Novel Writing and Film making. You would be responsible for editing the content provided by the Captains / Freelancers / Interns and maintaining the tone and voice of MyCaptain.

5. Create and follow a strong feedback loop – Post the initial creation of the content, you would be responsible for looking at feedback by the Captains and mentees, analyzing the effectiveness of the workshop and finding ways to improve the learning experience of students.

Graphics Designer

1. Campaign ideation and execution – You will be working in the Marketing team in order to come up with new campaign ideas, and execute the same with Digital and outreach marketers, etc.

2. Social Media – The role would involve you brainstorming with the content and social media head to come up with the best new themes, posters, and other marketing material for our vibrant social media.

3. Event branding – The MyCaptain team also conducts a lot of on-ground events for young students in various different cities. These are city-wide events for the age group 16-25 and you would be working with the student bodies, in-house marketing team and the Marketing head on Event Marketing, Event branding/rebranding and much more.

Product operations executive

1. Quality Control & Workshop Management – You would be responsible for 1000-2000 the experience of mentees on a monthly basis. Your focus will be talking to mentees, collecting and analyzing data about their activity in the workshop to ensure that the online workshops see maximum engagement.

2. Support – This role would involve recruiting and leading a team of facilitators in a monthly cycle to provide the right support to the mentees in the workshops. You will be keeping a check on support requests through all communication channels and solve them for the mentees.

3. Captain Recruitment – You would be shortlisting, interviewing and selecting the Mentors (Captains) for the different workshops.

4. Maintaining Supply Demand – You would be the bridge between business operations and the Product team. You will be responsible for ensuring that there are enough Captains available to conduct the workshops for the students. keep a track of the number of students signing up in each month and ensuring the right number of Captains are available.

People and Culture Manager

1. Recruitment Strategy and Recruitment – You will be working closely with the Product, Operations, and Marketing heads to understand recruitment requirements and build strategies for the same keeping in view a startup environment

2. People, Culture and Growth Development – The jobrole involves you working with the department heads to build culture amongst teams, come up with activities and synergies that can help in the overall growth of all individuals and also build capacity to take the organisation forward.

3. Relationship Management – You will be working on building beautiful relationships with Colleges, and University recruitment cells, and talent pool hubs.

Captain Recruitments: MyCaptain is always on the hunt for good Captains for all our Online Workshops. You will be tapping into talent honeypots for the same and getting Captains on board with the Product Operations teams.

Become a Passionate Ambassador:

  • Be a MyCaptain representative of your campus.
  • Facilitate and execute promotional events within campus.
  • Online and On-Ground awareness within and around the campus.
  • Achieve target-oriented goals to help bring MyCaptain to every student in the campus.

Become a Campus Leader

  • Be a MyCaptain respresentative of your campus.
  • Facilitate and execute promotional events within your campus.
  • Online and on-ground awareness within and around the campus.
  • Achieve target-oriented goals to help bring MyCaptain to every student in your campus.


So, MyCaptain is a great platform to learn and earn being in student life and an easier path to getting to learn responsibility.

What do you think about this? Do you also wanna learn and begin startups like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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