Modern Era: Hooked up with fashion fiscals

Modern Era: Hooked up with fashion fiscals

The ancient man of humankind used to wear lump of leaves in and around the body to just get a minor shield and so as to protect themselves from the withering climate and weather changes. But irony to this part, today we see just a required amount of cloth used to cover the body and that is what we coined and gave a term called “fashion”.!

In the twenty-first century of the modern scenario, it is basically being considered developed and operated as a world-class business excruciating top notch brands like Lakme, Zara, and Benetton etc. Aged 4 to aged 70, there isn’t a single person which we may find who does not want to look trendy and relatable among the common folk. All are fashion trenches and greek in our present day place. But this is not the case, even if we throw an eye check at the retro times, they had their own style of carrying clothes as well as the particular hairstyles and accessories all matched well in a place.

It’s a human desire to look as well to be perceived good and adorable but in the pursuit of looking extremely sassy and lavishly shopped, we bring about and follow such styling patterns and makeup statures which dose not suit to our body patterns and often sometimes age as well and eventually looks awful! Normal jeans with a draper t-shirt would even look what we call”cool” but on the same hand what we wear is not in return what we do, especially in the state of girls, applying loads of makeup and attaching un-necessary jewelry erodes the entire look!

Early teenagers imitate any look so as to look most attractive and instead they break stereotypes and often fall prey in wearing such clothes which are not accepted by society and which looks shabby as well! Boys too compete well with girls in such situations, exaggerating such hairstyles which usually are misunderstood as something being extremely un-kept and undressed.

The fault is not of these youth but what media outshows and outlives with all those glamed up and lushy lives of big tv stars and actors. The most piognant factor is popularity and hasty importance given to such platforms which encourages the younger mindsets to dwell in hefty showrooms and spend their parent’s hard earned money just in case to be analyzed by their peers as an utter embellish product of class and possesing an avid fashion sense.

Fashion is not embedded in wearing revealing clothes or stepping up your heal in following such sense of grooming one’s self up which eventually dosent give a damn on what actually you are. Personality is not what we outshine with material baits and what we stagger ourselves with, it’s the exceptional qualities and the inexplicable talent which one possesses in the onset of time and demeanor, which sets oneself at par excellence and apart!

So the next time you gallop in a mall,do think what’s te best attire whichg makes you feel comfoertable and allows you to grind hard and reach your desired pavillions and goals!

Rightly said-

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”

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