Meet the Latest Supercomputer launched in India – Param Shivay

Meet the Latest Supercomputer launched in India – Param Shivay

A supercomputer that goes by the name ‘Param Shivay’ was launched at IIT-BHU(Banaras Hindu University) on Tuesday, the 19th of February 2019 under the NATIONAL SUPERCOMPUTER MISSION (NSM) by prime minister Narendra Modi.
As this year marks the 100 years of the institute, a postal stamp and postal stamp album were released as well.
Scientists and students doing research will have the benefits of the project. Supposedly, 40 percent power of the machine will be used by the students of the Navodya Vidyalaya.
It is also aimed at solving the problems of the common man including irrigation schemes, traffic management, cheap drug making etc.

What is a Super-computer?

A computer is something which performs operations, anything you’re doing be it playing videos, using a spreadsheet, playing games or writing code; for a computer, everything has to be broken down in 0s and 1s and then calculations have to be done.
A supercomputer is simply one that can perform a mammoth amount of calculations compared to a computer we use in our daily lives. This is necessary to do things like weather forecasting, quantum mechanics and physical simulation (spaceship aerodynamics, testing of nuclear weapons) and oil exploration etc.

The types of computers are :

  • Micro: PCs used in homes and offices
  • Mini: Computerization of data, scientific research
  • Mainframe: Used as servers
  • Super: Highest level of computing, mammoth calculations

Technical Details of ‘PARAM SHIVAY’

Supercomputer launched in India – Param Shivay

Coming to the power, the beast has a capacity of 833 teraflops (teraflop = 10¹² floating-point operations per second), 1 petabyte secondary storage and appropriate open source system and application software suite using 223 processor nodes, 384 GB per node DDR4 RAM, parallel file system, including CPU and GPU. The behemoth has cost around $4.6M.

The first supercomputer in India was PARAM 8000 which was launched in 1991.
The others currently in use are ‘Pratyush’ at Indian Institute of Tropical Metrology, ‘Mihir’ at National Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting and SERC-Cray at IISc.

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