Is it worth buying a RTX gaming laptop currently?

Is it worth buying a RTX gaming laptop currently?

Nowadays, brands are producing gaming laptops with RTX graphic cards. But is it worth buying a RTX gaming laptop?
In this article, I will explain the disadvantages of buying a RTX Laptop over GTX.
Firstly let’s check the 3D Mark Fire Strike Graphic stats of different GTX and RTX GPUs on laptop as well desktops.

As we can see from above, there is relative performance of RTX 2060 (Laptop) and GTX 1070 Max-Q.
RTX 2060 laptops starts at nearly $ 1500. It’s not just the price, its the features that we get with the RTX devices are not well showcased on laptop hardware. Such as the screen we get on laptop are 1080p screens. There are 60Hz, 144Hz and some have 240Hz screens, but still they are 1080p. The whole gaming laptop industry offers only 1080p screens. The problem is that performance of RTX is well showcased on higher resolution. 10 series GPU’s were already mind-blowing for 1080p gaming.

Here’s the FPS on GTX 1060 Laptops. Mostly games give more than 60 FPS on 1080p resolution and high graphics.

Also, some of the GTX 1060 laptop are available only at price point of $800. The performance lineup of RTX doesn’t match the price. Here is a compare chart of 1070 MQ, 2060 and 2080 MQ NVIDIA GPUs.

There is large price difference between 1070 MQ and 2060, whereas both provide similar performance in case of FPS.
RTX laptops support Ray Tracing and DLSS. Frame rates of Battlefield V on ray trace graphics with 2080 Max Q are not bad, but still it’s way too early to pick up an RTX GPU just for ray trace graphics.

There are not much games with ray trace capabilities. There are some RTX 2060 laptops which are reasonably priced. Although they are not cheap, but have decent value for 1080p gaming. Anything powerful than that like 2070 Max Q and higher feel really expensive until there are higher resolution screens and more ray trace supported games are developed.
So, unless you have tons of cash and want to be early adopter of ray trace games, then only go for RTX laptops, else 10 Series laptops are big thumbs up this time.
Gaming benchmark of RTX laptops show some impressive numbers and can do RDX ray tracing and DLSS but when compared to older 10-series laptops, they look quite expensive.
Thanks for reading. Hope you made good choice while buying gaming laptops.

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