INSOMNIA: Error 404 Sleep Not Found! How to Overcome Insomnia

INSOMNIA: Error 404 Sleep Not Found! How to Overcome Insomnia

Most of us have at some stage in our lives faces disorder in sleeps because of anxiety, psychiatric conditions or other problems. Good sleep is always beneficial in one’s life. Absence of it leads to many sleep disorders like snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep derivation and restless legs syndrome.

Here, I will discuss about “Insomnia”, a type of Dyssomnia caused due to difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep.

Firstly let’s look at some of the sleep hygiene which every individual must follow for a good sleep:

  1. Arise at same time every day: It is advisable to wake up in the morning at same time as our body will be adapted to the timing and there won’t be any problem of sleep.
  2. Limit the in-bed time as it was earlier: If you have suddenly changed the timing of sleep and wake up or your sleep hours are not fixed then it’s time to make that correct and limit the in-bed time as it was earlier.
  3. Discontinue CNS acting substances: Avoid usage of CNS acting substances like Coffee, Tea, drugs or other caffeine containing substances.
  4. Avoid daytime naps: It’s often seen that people take small naps at daytime. There is certain fixed time for which human can sleep in a day. If we sleep in daytime then the quota for night will be decrease as a result we will be habitual of late sleeping.
  5. Physical fitness is good but avoid vigorous exercise: Doing physical exercise is always beneficial to cure from every sort of disease. So is with Insomnia. It is advisable to do some exercise in morning time(after wake up) and before sleep. Avoid over exercise as it may make body stiff and result in discomfort to the body.
  6. Avoid evening stimulation of TV or Gadgets: The glaring light of gadgets make strain on eyes. Strain on eyes before sleep can cause discomfort.
  7. Warm water bath near bed time: After doing work in daytime, the body becomes tired. To remove tiredness it is advisable to take warm water bath before sleep.
  8. Eat at regular time but avoid large meals: Food quality and quantity matter a lot for our health. It is advisable to eat nutritional food and at regular time. We should avoid large meals before the sleep as it may upset the stomach and result in discomfort in sleep.
  9. Do muscle relaxation or meditation: As we know muscles become tired after work. It is advisable to do some relaxation before sleep. Also, meditation make our mind peaceful.
  10. Maintain comfortable sleeping conditions: Our surrounding matters a lot for our good sleep. It is advisable to sleep in dark and quiet surrounding as any sort of disturbance can alter our sleep.
Source: BBC

Insomnia is categorized into two types: Primary Insomnia and Secondary Insomnia.

  • Primary Insomnia: Insomnia which isn’t due to medical problem, medicine or other substances.
  • Secondary Insomnia: Insomnia due to symptoms or side effects of other.

How to overcome Insomnia:

  1. Create a sleep history log: Track all the information of your sleep, such as the time you went to bed, fell asleep and stressful events. After one to two weeks, evaluate your log and find any patterns that might affect your sleep. Eliminating negative pattern can improve insomnia and might even fix it correctly.
  2. Cognitive behavior therapy: Use of CBT can improve sleep efficiently upto 24 months. Meditation is good for short term insomnia whereas CBT might be good for long term insomnia. CBT includes increasing sleep hygiene, avoiding stimulants, maintaining sleep schedule, avoid long naps, resolve stressful thoughts before sleep, avoid eating and drinking water before 2 hours of sleep.
  3. Paradoxical Intention Therapy: It is similar to reverse psychology. In this, you are telling yourself to stay awake to reduce the fear of not falling asleep in hopes of you ultimately falling asleep.
  4. Relaxation Therapy: People affected with insomnia have increased cerebral activity, so relaxation therapies are meant to slow that down. Such therapies includes meditation, deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.
  5. Sleep restrictive therapy: The concept of this is to limit time in bed in order to increase desire to sleep. This deprives you of sleep which can promote falling asleep faster and improved sleep quality.
  6. Antihistamines: These are medicinal drugs which help with sleep, such as Benadryl and Unison. But effect is minimal and actually might reduce sleep quality.

So, with these strategies, hopefully, you can improve your sleep as soon as possible. It’s always advisable to consult a doctor before proceeding with any practices. Have a doubt? Comment down below, for such knowledgeable information, stay connected to Inside Duniya

“Sleep better today so you don’t have to let your dreams just be dreams.”

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