INDIA seems to be the Biggest Market to AI based marts

INDIA seems to be the Biggest Market to AI based marts

Nowadays the trend of going to the market and to buy stuff for home is decreasing day by day. Keeping this in mind Amazon the biggest market hub introduced his new concept and created a great revolutionary change in the system of the retail store. The concept is Amazon GO which I think is the biggest revolution in AI concept. These stores are fully based on the AI project sensed by powerful cameras and motion sensors. Even you need not to pay in these kinds of stores you just take the things you need and scan your phone or device and go out. No rows for cash counters , no time waste. The concept with which Amazon Go has been launched is something that the retail world has never seen. With Artificial Intelligence at its center tracking what items users are buying and the amount that has to be charged from them, Amazon go is venturing into the traditional retail setup and has introduced the technology yet again in its retail setup.

The popularity that Amazon Go Retail has been able to achieve in just a few months of its official launch has led to a number of other retail stores investing in deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies to follow the lead that Amazon has set. Walmart and Microsoft are also apparently planning to level the cashier-less retail outlet space which is presently only dominated by Amazon.
While AI-powered Amazon Go venturing into the traditional retail plan has proved itself to be a hit with the brand hoping to expand its business to over 300 stores, AI’s capability as the medium bring Retail industry transformation is not restricted to just one disruptive use case that Amazon Go retail is. There are a number of other ways AI in Retail is changing the industry’s outlook.

Even it is not the first time that someone is using AI some examples are:

1.Pepper Robot

Pepper is a humanoid robot which can interact with the walk-in customers while perceiving the human emotions, is the best example of the use of AI in retail. The robot is already a hit in Japan where it is being used as customer greeter and rep in over 140 Softbank mobile stores. A pilot of Pepper in California stores – Palo Alto and Santa Monica – received a 70% rise in the foot traffic in Palo Alto, along with 50% of Neo-pen sales in the Santa Monica region. 

2.Domino’s Robotic Unit

Integrated with artificial intelligence technology used for military combat training, the DRU sensors help it in the navigation of the best path for delivery of pizza. Seeing the amount of investment that Domino’s is making behind the technology, the future when delivery persons will be replaced by robots is not very far.

3.Amazon’s Drone

Coined as Amazon Prime Air, drones are a major futuristic part of Amazon delivery system. While the launch date is not announced yet, the future where the items we buy are delivered to our home through drones is not very far. A future that will set a benchmark of use of AI in Retail. Want yours to be the next name in the list as a disruptive use case of AI in the retail market? 

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