Importance of NOTA- None of the Above

Importance of NOTA- None of the Above

Every year we observe a lot of election campaigns and election events takes place all over the world and this year we will witness the Parliamentary elections of India. We observe less vote percentage in India, there may be many reasons for the cause but election commission of India is working for the betterment of voting system and is also making efforts to yield a higher percentage of voters from the citizens of India. Hence The Supreme Court in September a year ago brought privilege for voters to dismiss all challenging applicants in elections, saying it would go far in purifying the political framework. Many individuals don’t vote because they feel no candidate deserves the power and hence doesn’t vote at all and ultimately that causes a drop in the percentage of drop. In this article, you will read about the importance of NOTA in elections.

NOTA first time used in India

In 2019 the election commission of India urged the Supreme Court to bring NOTA in practice in order to give freedom of choice of rejecting all the candidates.

An NGO documented an open intrigue prosecution explanation to support NOTA. At last on 27th September 2013, the privilege to put a NOTA vote option was accepted by the Supreme Court of India. Thereafter Supreme Court ordered the election commission of India to enlist NOTA option in all the voting machine or EVM (electronic voting Machine). The NOTA was first used in 2013 at elections held in four states namely Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and the Union Territory, Delhi. Over 15 lakhs individuals voted for NOTA. With the introduction of NOTA there was also a need for explaining the importance of NOTA to people and make them aware of the Role of NOTA in elections. NOTA counted 1.85% of the complete votes surveyed. The normal NOTA vote share dropped to 0.95% (2014) elections that took place in eight States namely — Haryana, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Maharashtra. After a year i.e. in 2015, the percentage of NOTA Votes expanded to 2.02% in the 2015 election that took place in Delhi and Bihar. While Delhi surveyed an insignificant 0.40%, Bihar saw 2.49% of NOTA cast a ballot, which remains the most highest and astounding NOTA vote percentage surveyed so far in any State. The succeeding year the percentage came down in the 2016 elections held in Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, Pondicherry, and Tamil Nadu, NOTA vote share dropped to 1.6%.

The first country to introduce NOTA was United States of America (USA), importance of nota
The first country to introduce NOTA was (USA), Raw Source: BUSRC

First Country to Introduce NOTA

The first country to introduce NOTA was United States of America (USA) at the state of Nevada and adopted this practice in elections. Subsequently, India also implemented this practice and many countries felt the importance of NOTA and thereafter adopted the system of NOTA. Moreover many countries got influenced by these practices and Countries namely France, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Ukraine, Chile, Bangladesh, Finland, Sweden, Columbia. These countries still practice the concept of NOTA during their state assembly election or parliamentary elections.

NOTA meaning in English

NOTA signifies “None of the Above” meaning Nothing from what is mentioned above. This empowers the voter to formally enlist a vote of dismissal for all participating candidates in the election. In case the voter presses NOTA on the EVM, it shows that the voter has not voted in favor of any of the candidate listed on EVM. This shows the importance of NOTA in elections as this gives citizens a chance to ignore all the candidates. The importance of NOTA can be noted here as the NOTA votes are counted as invalid votes so they won’t affect the decision procedure. In this way, regardless of whether NOTA gets pretty much votes, it will not affect the decision making. The candidate with maximum votes will be considered a winner. In order to conclude the meaning of NOTA, NOTA means voting no one but still contribute to voting. The vote cast in NOTA has no count and NOTA vote is considered invalid.

NOTA Advantages and DisAdvantages, importance of nota
NOTA Advantages and DisAdvantages, Raw Source: PNGIMAGE

NOTA Advantages and DisAdvantages: 

Advantages of implementing NOTA

There are so many points of NOTA which favors the election practices and NOTA can be really advantageous as it will give people freedom to not to choose anyone and thus also increase the percentages of votes as people who might not vote due to dissatisfaction with all the candidates may choose to vote NOTA in order to show dissatisfaction to the upcoming political leaders. Moreover, NOTA will also bring cleanliness and integrity among the political leaders as it is a good indication of disagreement towards the system of participating parties. Importance of NOTA can also be noted because it preserves the secrecy of voters. It can also prevent false votes.

Disadvantages of NOTA in Elections

The other side of NOTA has few shortcomings too. The first drawback of NOTA vote is that it is considered as invalid i.e. it doesn’t make difference and doesn’t impact on valid vote counts. Secondly, the introduction of NOTA can be misused and exploited by opposition political parties in many ways in an attempt to win the election with unfair means. Undesirable or non-deserving candidates may win the election. In order to avoid getting misused by NOTA, we can direct people and make them aware about the importance of NOTA and Suggest them to never change their decision under someone’s influence that may be a political party, a person, or media.

Importance of NOTA in India

The principle target of the ‘NOTA’ choice is to empower voters who don’t wish to vote in favour of any of the contender.

The two fundamental key parts that left the Supreme Court judgment are

  • Right to cast a Vote also likewise incorporates a privilege not to cast a vote i.e. right to dismiss.
  • Right to secrecy is a necessary piece of a free and reasonable decision.

Voting lets you express your opinion during elections by giving the opportunity of voting to him/her. This right will allow neutral choice while voting. Importance of NOTA can be noted when the voter doesn’t want to anyone or finds no candidates who deserve to be elected. Voter’s contribution is crucial in a democratic nation like India. Presenting NOTA can help in catching increment in the percentage of votes. Not voting at all causes dissatisfaction and lack of engagement, which is definitely not a solid indication of a growing democratic country. The importance of NOTA is that it is alternative to no vote at all and NOTA alternative gives the voter the privilege to express his or her objection towards the participating candidates.  At the point when the candidates will understand the numbers of citizens who are not happy with them or doesn’t find the right candidate for handling the nation.

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