How Instagram is ruining our minds?

How Instagram is ruining our minds?

There are 89% chances that you have made a Instagram account. IG also known as Instagram is a photo and videos sharing platform available for smart phones and owned by Facebook. Instagram allows the users to upload images and videos with some of their in build filters to enhance the quality of content, it allows to share your location along with your post and to use #tags while talking or posting regarding a community or a particular topic.

Instagram become viral among all youngsters due to its friendly UI and new concept. Also, you can find all the celebs on Instagram. Fans love to get the movie stills of their favorite celebs. As, Facebook allows users to upload images, videos, links and a lot of a lot of features. While Instagram comes into market with the concept of media only that too without URLs. You can’t post URL except on your profile.
With this ease, it ranks to the top 10 most downloaded apps of Android as well as IOS.

Well on Instagram, you’ll find a lot of channels or pages with unlimited knowledge that you should learn, that you should be aware about. Pages of each genre are available in more than sufficient amount on Instagram. One can follow these pages to enhance knowledge. But in parallel, you’ll find some funny or pages filled with sarcastic content available in all countries. The difference between the followers of these two type of pages are far great.
The knowledgeable pages often have less followers as compared to these ones. So what’s wrong if they have some more followers? Bruh? Lemme me text the same below!

Instagram addiction
Source – BT

What’s the present situation?

These pages on Instagram are available in huge numbers. These pages are followed by 70% of the youths which are the upcoming future of the nation.
To get some more likes, to get some more interaction these pages sometime uploads vulgar content which may put 1% effects on the mindset of the individual.
How? You are getting some posts daily of the same topic, about the same field, many times get settled down in any section of mind which sometimes get difficult to get rid of. It seriously affects the mindset of one, the thought process of one.

Earning in cheap way!

These pages are earning a lot from Instagram. What’s wrong in it? Then?
Well, these pages sometime post some advertisements of that content that should not be posted on any media.
Many times, they upload the accounts of some person who promise to send their images, who sell their services to normal ones, but later those who are following these pages get trapped into these fake games. What’s happened to these pages? Nothing na? What about those who lost their money just because on these pages?

Coming to Rumors!

To be consistent, to be more content provider, some times they start posting spam! And the level of spam is too much! They even themselves don’t know whose picture are they using, whose content they are using!! And when someone sees the same content at many portals, at many channels, he/she starts believing it true and that’s the point where the problem arises. There are a lot of rumours which get stuffed into the followers mind which is pretty hard to remove later.

So, beware about the content you are reading! Avoid such type of channel or page which seems to post spam. Otherwise, the repetition of same content will effect you a lot.

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