Explained: What makes Hollywood different from Bollywood

Explained: What makes Hollywood different from Bollywood

The two biggest film industry names in the world started their journey at almost the same time. If we talk about a little more history Hollywood and Bollywood were never been quite the same. But this question is now frequently asked – why they are not producing similar content? Bollywood audience nowadays is expecting Bollywood to be more like Hollywood. As Hollywood movies and TV shows are not a far reach from our hands these days. People can watch something different. Maybe this is the big reason why the audience is demanding more Hollywood style content produced. After years of watching the same old style romance and the same old style hero- heroin centric films audience is more attracted to the wide range of film genre that Hollywood produces. Hollywood films are less commercial and more focused on the script.

Differences mentioned below:

english movies captures a lot of audience because of its International availability while hindi or bollywood movies can catch very specific audience
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Language Availability

Bollywood makes approx. Of 2000 films a year while Hollywood only makes 800 films a year. But the total revenue of Hollywood is still bigger than Bollywood. There can be many reasons for this. First of all is the obviously how much audience watches your content. Hollywood films always being made in English has an unfair advantage. Being the international language to speak the Hollywood films are not only shown in America but also in the other countries or we can say majority of the countries, while on the other hand Bollywood films are shown to a much little audience and are premiered in less countries. Bollywood movies are always centred on more commercialisation and less focused on script. A Hindi film generally contain 6 to 8 songs, some of them being shoot at a very high budget. Item songs are nowadays essential for a film to be successful. Songs are given their own movie duration time. While in Hollywood focus is solely on the script there are no big budget songs in the movies which also make their film duration a little less.

The question shouldn’t be why Bollywood is not producing content like Hollywood. Because Bollywood had made many films of that genre. Irony is that audience had rejected it every time and still demanding it. The question should be why they are not praising such good films? They are unable to understand them. They are so used to watching drama films served by Bollywood that they didn’t even watch good scripted films.

nepotism in bollywood
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Another difference between these two industries is Nepotism. While in Bollywood star kids can easily land their foot in the film industry while more talented people are offered no role. You have to be extremely rich or you have to be a star kid to even get a chance in any audition. Bollywood is prior to beauty not acting, There is a lot of racism in Bollywood. Only fair hero and heroin are given a chance in industry.  Bollywood appreciates beauty but not talent. There is hardly a chance when a dark actor is given a lead role in any movie.

Traditions and Religions

On another hand, Bollywood movies are sometimes highly based on our tradition and religion. While in Hollywood there is no place for their tradition and religion. Almost every Bollywood movie contain traditional dresses and religious songs, they are proud to show their rich culture and their love towards God in any movie. Hollywood doesn’t make any films based on their religions and their culture.

These are the basic difference or the things which separated Hollywood from Bollywood or vice-versa. Although, both the Industries are loved by million of fans, but still there are some factors which results in the tight competition between two.




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