Drug Addiction in Youth-Reality of the era

Drug Addiction in Youth-Reality of the era

Living in this era of rising pressure and pressurized mind and high level expectations at various issues of life, what people have found their alternative of peace is to be sublime to drugs and weed. The main problem surrounding our environment is Drug Addiction in Youth. Well, the same problem has arrived a long time before, but the impact of Drug Addiction in Youth is getting high day by day. Upcoming future of the nation is in risks for sure.

Causes of Drug Addiction in Youth

Causes of Drug Addiction in Youth
Causes of Drug Addiction in Youth, Source: Desert Hope

The main cause behind this rising illness is not the careless and seemingly haste full approach of youngsters of getting attached to this syndrome.

Especially the teenagers have found it too easier and fun loving to be such mentally weak and live on the verge of drug intake.

Depressed folk and the emotionally cursed also find it the only option to consume their sadness on just a pinnacle of Rusk that eventually leads to death.

The only reason why the most prominent , the ones who had an ill fate in getting love remove their grudges and way of dismantling from their attached emotions from consuming extremely fatal and harmful drugs.


There are an ample of examples to go through when we talk about the victims which got paralyzed to this platform. The most disastrous outcome is that there are such milineials who were once a gift to the society and the reason may be such that they got ill fated and hence prodigies turning into severe drug addicts and reinstating to the grave of utmost pathetic death.

  • A boy of just 15 got dumped by her so called girl of dreams and    thus became so vain in trauma and heartbreak to that extent that started taking drugs of insidious effects on his health, just after two years of further rivaling, he got     a severe brain attack and got paralyzed and completely bed ridden. And soon after the treatment, he could not withstand the load of medication and thus died a very early death at just the age of 18, that to in severe pain and utter misery. The more shocking and tragic was for the parents who lost their only beloved at such early stage of life. When people are filled with new hopes and dreams, when parents take pride n their wards and live those golden chimes of time, they lost their son and he too mistook his only life in such scrutiny.

Examples of such traumatic and stories of devastating lives are many, but the alter effect is way torterous for parents as well as the children and youngsters themselves.

Solution for Drug Addiction in Youth:

Solution of Drug Addiction in Youth
Solution of Drug Addiction in Youth, Source: Video Blocks

There are hesitantly no solid solutions till concluded to this heinous and detioriting condition of youngsters in our society.

But still, the way outs in tackling such an issue can be approached and followed up easily!

Parents need to be more understanding and well aware of the lives of their children and more friendly and soft in handling their problems.

Youngsters should understand and realize the meaning of the precious lives they are ought to and are not supposed to erode it in any odd manner.

They should develop interests in various hobbies and activities which would help them rest this constructive mind better and in a more useful manner.

The depressed and he disturbed personalities should be given proper medical aid so that they don’t fall prey to the evil trap of drug addiction.

They need o be addressed with more love and affection and the lonely ones to need to find thoe people who they could confide in easily and forget all their worries and past tragedies and live a drug free and blissful life.

The society too need to change their way or outlook in judging as well looking at the poor drug addicts because they need accept the fact they are victims which got attacked by these soothing poison ad now are in a very serious mode of their life battling between life and death ad juggling emotions and depression as well the societal pressure of not being accepted as a normal human being.

The society needs to make a soft approach towards these people and develop a free mindset in helping such cases come out of their cloud of extreme suffering and trauma.

As well said very beautifully:

“Drug addiction cannot be cured if the fear of not consuming dugs is greater than the willpower to quit doing drugs” – Anonymous

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