Dolphins – Hopes left for Endangered Species

Dolphins – Hopes left for Endangered Species

In recent times, the census was conducted by Zoological Survey of India and Wildlife Trust of India in various states in India and was found that there are only around 1,000 dolphins left in various rivers in Bihar. Dolphins endangered is an major issue to be focused on as soon as possible.

Facts may be Unknown

Dolphin is an endangered species in the rivers of south Asia. Mainly two species are there of river Dolphins. One is Ganga River dolphin and another is Indus river dolphin. Ganga river dolphins are found in Ganga River, Brahmaputra River and tributaries and their numbers are around 3000. On the other hand, Indus river dolphins are found in Indus River and their numbers are around 1200.

Not to forget that Ganga river dolphins are National Animal of India (aquatic) and official animal of Guwahati.

Process of Count

The matter of fact is, the population of dolphins are constantly declining not only in India but also in world. Dolphins are now in the list of most endangered species in the world. Several action plans are taken by the governments all over the world. In India, Bihar is the state where aquatic census using count method was conducted for the first time. This method was used to count these endangered Dolphins not only in Ganga, but also on other rivers like Ghaghara and Gandak. This census was conducted in various stretches in all these three rivers during a month’s time in 2018.

Two stretches were covered over Ganga river – one from Buxar to Mokama and other between Mokama and Manihari. Third stretch was covered over Gandak river and Ghaghara river. All these were conducted by Zoological Survey of India and University of Manjhi.

According to final data submitted, 260 dolphins were counted from Buxar to Mokama, 600 dolphins were counted from Mokama to Manihari, 90 in Gandak river and 50 in Ghaghara river.

Count Method

In India, Bihar is the state where 50% of dolphin’s population of India reside. Amazing, right? You must be wondering that how these aquatic mammals were counted. Well, experts counted the number of endangered dolphins on the basis of their height and size when these aquatic animals come to surface to breathe.

Why Dolphins population is declining?

dolphins endangered because of fishing
Source: The Phuket News

Well, there are several reasons of their population downfall. Let’s concentrate on the reason behind the decline of population of dolphins in India.

  1. Foremost is water pollution. The increase in pollution in the rivers is the major factor which resulted in the decline of population of dolphins in India. All the toxic waste, industrial waste and even sewage water are released in rivers. These all in the combined way make the water of rivers poisonous for these water animals. Hence, slowly these rivers are becoming uninhabitable for water animals to live and making Dolphin endangered.
  2. It is sad but true that dolphins are killed illegally all over the world. Oil extracted from dolphins are used in fish baits by fishermen. This illegal killing is playing tremendous role for becoming Dolphin endangered.
  3. Rivers get polluted also by siltation of river bodies.
  4. Dolphins often get accidently trapped in the fishing nets of fishermen which they normally use for fishing.

Various Protection measures

Now, the government all over the country is working to protect this friendly aquatic animal. Due to action taken by government, slow but the increase in population of dolphins are quite visible. Awareness programmes are conducted among people to conserve dolphin.

Still, there is a need for strict rules to be made for Dolphin endangered conservation. Dolphins are a lovely aquatic creature and they must not and should not be left as Dolphin endangered.

why dolphins population is decreasing

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  1. This is an important article on Dolphins, their distribution, significance and role in animal welfare. Better preventive measures suggested are appreciable for their being endangered

  2. Very informative article. Surely these beautiful aquatic animals should be prevented from endangering.

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