Does Keyword Density still helps in SEO??

Does Keyword Density still helps in SEO??

Taking the point of SEO into consideration, we are sharing this article to you.
Everyone knows how to use tags in their post, how to embed tags or keywords into their article that they are going to publish on their website or blog.
Basically, what is a keyword or tag or search Description?

The particular words or phrases on which you are focusing while writing the article or those words or phrases which defines the content on a website or Web page are known as Keywords or tags or Search Description.

The main motto behind applying or embedding these tags or Search Description along with your post is to get a high rank according to the relevance of search.

Google search engine works automatically, the crawlers bots of Google keep Crawling the Internet to get more and more content 24*7. They are bots, they’ll do whatever the developer make them do. They keep moving on the Internet to find new content and the rest bots of Google in the backend keep working in indexing those results that the Google spider has provided to them.

This is how Google ranking or indexing works. Although, we’ll try to provide you a detailed article of Google Ranking and Google indexing.

Continuing to the topic…

So what is the best way to embed keywords or what is the best way to get our expected result from keywords.
Well, there is a term Keyword Density which helps or increases the chances to pop up the expected results if used in appropriate way.

Keyword Density – The number of times a particular word or phrases (Keywords or tags) are appearing on the Web page is known as Keyword Density.

How to calculate keyword Density?

It is pretty simple, it is the ratio of total words to the number of time you have used a particular word phrase known as keywords.
Formula to calculate KD = Total number of words/ Total number of keyword appears.

Well, there is one more term similar to keyword Density that is keyword stuffing!!!

Keyword Stuffing
Stop Keyword Stuffing!!

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is stuffing the article blindly with keywords and keywords. At the time, when SEO was not completely arrived these techniques were used to get the article ranked on top results, but it won’t last long. At that time, Google bots start avoiding these stuffing as the Web pages then seem to be more spam than knowledgeable.

Keyword stuffing was may be useful in 2011, 2012 but now it has been totally discarded by Google.

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So, now the question arises, what should be the exact or correct Keyword Density or how many time should a person use keywords into his/her article?

Well, there is no official statement from Google. No official results have been found, although one can use KD 0.5-1%.
Suppose if you are writing an article of 1000 words, you can mention the appropriate keywords to 5-10 times.
Using keywords under the danger zone is good and it won’t spam your web page or website.

Beware, don’t use more than 1 keyword per 200 words. You may have to bear penalties by coming into the category of keyword stuffing and might be it’ll seriously affect your website.

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