Does images contribute in indexing of your posts?

Does images contribute in indexing of your posts?

Well, a common mistake is usually found in most of the cases. Mostly the new person who started blogging or website usually have a question in their mind why Google is not indexing their posts? Infact, if they are doing everything right!! And this leads to a lot of demotivation as they are doing right but still not getting the expected results.

Well, the same question can be flash in your mind too. But for the same, we are here to answer the flashed question. You all must have a question in your mind once, that how Google reaches to every website posted over Internet. But the Google is much smart than expected. Google search or the indexing is not done by manually, Google has made some bots which keep crawling the content posted over Internet. Now, what is Crawling?
Crawling is the process by which the Google gather pages from the Internet to index them in Google search.

Images helps in Contributing of posts

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So, we was on the point where you are missing something to rank your posts up?
Remember the images you embed in your posts, have you ever checked their names? The random names that you’ll get along with the image which you made a simple download from Google or if you design it. Yeah! That’s the thing you need to focus on. Crawling and indexing is done by bots. Suppose you are using a image from, you downloaded the image from there and after embedding you published the post. Now when the crawlers of Google visit your site, as the image pops up to them they will divide in two. One part of the crawlers will now start checking my website which is mentioned in the name of images itself while the second part of crawlers keep moving to your website.
Now suppose if you are using a image of your own site name like YourSiteName_ImageTitle, then the crawlers bundle will remain to your site also, and with this it’ll Crawl more and more content available on your website. With this the chances of your content to be pop up in google search increases.

Many of you are facing one similar problem that your posts are ranked by Google but when you move to Images section, your images that you embedded in your posts won’t appear. This problem can be solved by same effort. Try to put the image in your posts with your sitename and title name. Once you start doing this, Google bots then will discover your images and will index and rank the same.

Images plays a Big important role in indexing the posts and once you’re done with indexing, once your posts starts ranking in top search, your work is done!

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