Budget 2019 – A big relief for middle class and farmers

Budget 2019 – A big relief for middle class and farmers

 Annual budget of 2019 presented by Modi on 1st Feb is said to be political budget!!!

When I heard on a TV channel little before the budget from the mouth of a Congress leader Kharge while replying to a question from a TV reporter in the parliament area that this budget will be full of “Jumlas” by the BJP government. It was shocking for me sitting thousands of miles away from India. Where has our opposition leaders’ level of conversation has reached? Is it not a sure sign of intellectual bankruptcy? This particular word ‘Jumla’ is such a commonly used vocabulary of the Congress leaders that invariably they will have to use when in front of media. I am sure someone from the Congress party speech writing group, has suggested to the entire leadership that use of this term is essential while facing media. I wish these speechwriters too would have explained the correct meaning of this term to them. This Arabic origin term often used in Urdu to signify a statement or a full sentence. I don’t know why these English educated Congress people did not bother to know the meaning before using it incessantly.

PM Modi provided this interim budget which is unique to the Indian middle class and the small and marginal farmers. I wish that I should have got this budget when I was working for the government in India. The Income tax rebates and exemption provided to the salaried class middle class people, direct monetary transfers to farmers from marginal groups (not the farmers like Mr. Tikait (a political farmer and the landlord of Western UP) and his ilk with bigger landholdings), and the benefits to the workers of unorganized and the organised sectors in India are noteworthy.

 I wish I should have been employee in Indian government but alas! I crossed that age to remain in the government service and be ecstatic with this budget. Minister Piyush Goyal presented budget sanguinely and extended every possible benefit to the community which needed it badly. Increasing the gratuity, unorganized sector pension scheme and several other budget decisions will bring relief to the working-class people. I heard entire budget speech and felt that PM Modi has played a significant trump and the forthcoming elections will be impacted positively by these decisions.

Opposition People call it “Election Budget: but no government can extend these benefits if these resources are non-existent. PM Modi made and executed his government policies in his four years and so and got lot of black money, extra tax money, and several other savings to provide these benefits. Tax base increased purely because of his demonetization policy decision. Through demonetization, he brought most if not all, black economy in the banking system. Kudos for this clever and smart decision taken by him. He and his government deserve it. Though his demonetisation decision made me to suffer individually but, I will still say, my loss is not important in front of the common good effect. I have written earlier too the biggest positive effect of demonetisation is to bring black economy into the system. This untaxed cash-based economy had no responsibility to the state and resultingly affecting the regular economy of the nation very badly. People were hoarding cash bills at home or investing in ‘’ properties, particularly land and real estate. Every Central government in India knew it full well and often got political donations to bribe voters from this cash hoarding. It was rampant and the source to create Indian economy as one the most corrupt one in the World. Demonetisation has started showing more and more positive effects now. Corruption in government services has reduced if not gone entirely out. It will take some time. Public has got so used to this bribing the system attitude including corporate business houses. Now, slowly everyone is falling into the line. Corruption in state provided services are still full of corruption and every state need many more Modi’s to get rid off this problem from the grass root. I have not met a single Indian who believed PM Modi is corrupt or he indulges in corruption except one individual and his party.

The budget is going to have a very positive effect on the forthcoming election of Lok Sabha. Opposition is pressed to the corner. Every private political party is fighting for its survival. Other than some caste-based politicians who are slowly going into oblivion are making their last-ditch effort to defeat Modi by any means. They declare every corrupt act of these politicians if investigated as “political vendetta”! Simply incredulous but meant for the consumption of the masses who trusted them till now. Almost everyone of them if not all are neck deep in corrupt practices. It does not mean the same is not true for scores of BJP MLAs and MPs. Next step for BJP as a political party is to slowly get rid off these known corrupt elements from the party in the course of time.

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