Bphon – India’s first foldable Smartphone by BeeBom

Bphon – India’s first foldable Smartphone by BeeBom

Thumnail by Youtube, BeeBom

Note: The information given below is curated by the official Youtube channel of Beebom. It might be true or may be rumour!

If you are a gadget lover, you must be following the team Beebom on various portals. Well, those who didn’t know anything about Beebom, let me introduce them to you. Beebom is a news media company which covers all the tech news, reviews gadgets and provide a ton on information everytime a product launch. Well, they have around 1.5 Million subscribers on their YouTube channel, 1 Million on their Facebook page and 1-1 Lakh on Instagram and Twitter!

Well, you might be thinking why you are reading this text. Let me remind you, you landed here to read about the newly launched India’s first Foldable smartphone BPhon by BeeBom. Yesterday’s night, the Indian Media News company, BeeBom Launched India’s first foldable smartphone Bphone. Right, it’s is India’s first foldable smartphone made by Indian for the Indians. Well, the device will be available to others as well, but this was the main tagline in its launching event.

Event of Bphon by beebom
Event of Bphon, Source: Youtube, BeeBom

So, stepping forward about its features and specifications as why it got a bumper response over the Internet from now.

Every smartphone contains some elements which decide the price or the value of the smartphone and when you have a brief knowledge of something you can do anything. Similarly in this case, the team BeeBom is unboxing of smartphones from past 5-6 years and they have a pure Knowledge about every mobile they review. What is less, what is high, what should be included or what shouldn’t!!!

So, after unboxing Lakhs of devices, now its time to unbox their own product.

Coming to the features explained by the host Rupesh, directly.

Bphon by beebom
Bphon by beebom


The body of BPhon is made of stainless steel, not to give you a shinny look but to make you feel that you actually holding a smartphone. The BPhon is the first ever smartphone in the world to be made of Vibranium. Yes, it’s is made of Vibranium, that’s the hardest metal you can find on the universe. The Vibranium gives a smooth look to your smartphone and makes it catchy and attractive.


Also, the team of Beebom hasn’t stopped here.! They went to Wakanda to find the most flexible plus toughest glass and now they are calling it Panther Glass.
The Panther Glass is 10 times more Scratch resistant and 20 times more drop proof.
So, now you can leave the tension if your phone falls down! Don’t worry, it is made of world’s toughest metal and world’s most flexible yet toughest glass.

The BPhon comes with dual Headphone Jacks.


Talking about its Hardware part. The team Beebom has embedded the 3.0 GHZ OctaCore 855 Processor. That’s I guess is much more to make it enough powerful to compete with the rest devices. The BPhon comes with 16 GB Ram and 1TB of ROM to make it work more smoothly and from here it. This complete package of Hardware confirms there will be no lag if you play some Monsterous project even.

Shot on BPhon by BeeBom
Shot on BPhon, Source: Youtube, BeeBom


Well, turning now to the Camera’s Room. The BPhon comes with 3 Super Features packed Cameras. The Beebom has integrated f/1.4 Aperture in Primary Camera with 12 Mega Pixels.
The second Camera of BPhon comes with f/2.0 Aperture with Ultra Wide Angle to cover over 165° of the area at a time with 16 Mega Pixel. This is where a human wants to reach. This camera can capture the area nearly as much the human eye can.
Moving further to the third camera, the BPhon has come with f/2.0 Periscope camera to capture the shots closer.
This camera of the BPhon has 100 times zoom and they are calling it a Super Duper Zoom. Well, it is amazing to capture the shots with so that much zoom without losing the image quality.

The BPhon has scored great numbers in Body, Hardware, Camera. Let’s checkout the rest sections of it.

BlackOS by BeeBom
BlackOS by BeeBom, Souce: Youtube, BeeBom


Black OS – Black OS is the best smartphone software experience you’ll ever have. It has been designed to make the smartphone work as smoothly as you want. BlackOS works with AndroidQ and is based on Stock Android with some really cool features like 0 advertisements. Yeah, you’ll never have to wait for any ad to get it over. It is ad free and they confirmed that they are not going to send your data to China!


As the team of Beebom was working on this smartphone from last 19 months, they have come with some serious shocking battery. You might have shocked many times listen to 6000 mAh battery, 7000 mAh battery but this time Beebom has created a bar which is difficult for others to cross! Yes, BPhon has come with 10,000 mAh battery backup that can run over 7 Days with a single charge, I guess you’re shocked!! Not yet? Beebom has something more to shock you!! Beebom has come with a Supersonic charger of 120 Watt, Yes, it’s that much. It can charge your BPhon within 10 minutes. Oh My God! Well, this is the phone which can destroy the complete market!! 10,000 mAh battery and that too with only 10 minutes of charging time.!! That’s seriously flabbergasting!!

Price of BPhon by beebom
Price of BPhon, Source: Youtube, BeeBom


Coming to the last point, the point for which you all are waiting for!! The price of BPhon! Any guesses?? 1 Lakh? 1.2 Lakh? A Big NO!
The BPhon comes with a reasonable yet low price according to its features of $999 in US and it is made in India, and has made by Indians, so the price of the BPhon in India will be 54,999 INR.

Specifications of BPhon

DISPLAY Unfolded: 8.2” Fusion AMOLED (3840×3904 pixels) | Folded: 6.5” Fusion AMOLED (1920×3904 pixels)
WEIGHT 7.7 oz. (230 grams)
HARDWARE Overclocked 3.0GHz 855 with 5G Modem. Elite Gaming.
16 GB RAM 
1 TB Storage
CAMERA 12 MP f/1.4 Primary Sensor
16MP f/2.0 Ultra Wide Angle Sensor 
12 MP f/2.0 Telephoto/Periscope Sensor with 10x Super Duper Zoom
4K at 60FPS with HDR10+
Google Camera App Port With Night Sight
BATTERY 10,000 mAh 
120W SuperSonic Charging
Powered by Android Queen of Puddings (7 Years of Updates)
AUDIO Dual stereo speakers. Dual 3.5mm headphone jack.
WIFI WiFi 6(2.4GHz and 5GHz)
BLUETOOTH Bluetooth 5.1

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  1. Very nice information about India’s first foldable smartphone made by Indian. Really a proud moment for we Indians.

  2. your phone is really amazing but u didnt told anything about warranty and service of bphon, and there is no information available anythere regarding warranty and service

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