Beware! These are the 5 early signs of Cancer

Beware! These are the 5 early signs of Cancer

Sedentary life has made us fall prey of diseases. We see a lot of people around us suffering from various types of diseases. Diseases might be normal and short term disease, chronic or long term disease or life taking disease such as cancer. In this content, we will discuss the various signs of cancer. It may also indicate some normal disease as some of these symptoms might be common to other diseases but as we know prevention is better than cure, so it is our duty to get our body examined by a professional in order to ensure normal health.

Cancer is a disease that happens due to uncontrolled cell division. Though this activity is also accelerated due to chewing tobacco, smoking, eating unhealthy food for a long period and drinking excess alcohol.

1. Sudden Weight Loss.

A person might lose weight if he/she is on a crash diet or under too much stress for a long time. There are also other reasons due to which person might lose weight at a fast rate such as tuberculosis or HIV but it may indicate cancer. Loss of appetite is somewhat caused by loss of weight during cancer. As a result of a loss in weight, the patient also suffers from tiredness and experience fatigue. In a few cases, it may also result in breathing problems. So if you ever lose weight naturally make sure to see a doctor before it turns into a major problem.

2. No Hunger 

If you are concerned that your body is wasting away or you are losing weight and feeling unhealthy. You may need to check for other symptoms to see if you have a medical problem that can be treated. Not feeling hungry is another sign of cancer. Though there are also some other reasons such as anorexia, b12 or iron deficiency and to conclude loss of appetite is due to tumor growth and changed the sense of taste and smell of food. It may be also side effects of treatment.

5 early signs of cancer
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3. Chronic Heartburn 

Heartburn is a complicated symptom, it means a lot of different things to different people. A commonly accepted explanation would be a burning sensation up in your chest. Often after meals and often something regurgitating from your stomach into your chest. This could be either normal or certainly severe and dangerous for life. It can lead to harmful complication, one of them be esophageal cancer that develops over a very long period of time of having uncontrolled reflux.

4. Chronic cough 

Chronic cough is a cough which is there for longer than six weeks and if you are getting that cough which is unexplained and not settling. I think you need to see a doctor. This problem is generally seen in smokers. However, if you ever experience this symptom I recommend you to take out X-rays. If they seem to be normal your cough may be due to:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux.
  • Allergic Rhinitis.
  • Bronchial Asthma.

However, you should concern your doctor before making any conclusion yourself.

5. Night sweat

A night sweat is a medical problem. Its a way of body to lower body temperature. A night sweat is hot flashes experienced by a patient while sleeping at night. Night sweat can affect the quality of sleep of the patient with cancer. There may be other medical condition and disease that cause night sweat such a Women during the menstrual cycle, low blood sugar and urological problems. The patient may also have other symptoms like chills or shaking with fever.

So, these are the five early cancer signs that are notifying one about the arrival of this deadly disease. One must be aware about the early signs of cancer to prevent it as possible.

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