Attention: Time Management skills you should be aware about!

Attention: Time Management skills you should be aware about!

Punch the alarm clock, a stroke left the snooze button, get drunk in the few extra minutes of sleep. Damn!!! I am late, run to washroom shit, piss then forcefully feed yourself with a stale bread, fighting and cornering the heavy traffic jams with acidity in your stomach, work your ass off come to the home, kill your eyes on Netflix, chat with a babe, jerk off for some silicon balloons then sleep. Repeat!

That’s the average lifestyle of the majority of Indian youths. Where perfect sleeping patterns don’t exist and Netflix, dogging girls late nights are a trend that goes for singles and if you got a babe then congratulations that’s a cherry on the cake.

Our youth last saw the early morning sun many ages back and I can bet my life on it. Just go back to the first paragraph and read it over and over till you see yourself in it. Take any face in the crowd and it will be the guy I talked about above. Yes, the bloody chap I talked about you. Did you just realize what the mess you have been walking through your life? Fapping yourself into an early grave. This might seem to you as comforting and full of pleasures but this isn’t the way of living a life as once you dreamed as a kid when you were full of cute ambitions of being an astronaut and president of a nation. You will end up nowhere by wasting your physical, mental and spiritual energy. And that’s a firm prediction no less than that of Nostradamus.

Well, maybe now, your inner conscience starts making some sense to what I want to convey before you get your wake up call which can be fatal in nature consider this as your friendly reminder.

So enough doses of moral science for now instead let’s take on how to create a perfect and efficient schedule:

1.A perfect morning routine

Kick off your day with a perfect morning” and “ if you want to be successful start off my making your bed”. I know these alien proverbs won’t fit inside your mind for now but let’s make some calculations, don’t be scared it won’t be long and later you will know why.

Let’s suppose you wake up at 8:30 (forcefully) rush to work or college come back at 6 and start with your lame routine and let’s say you sleep at 2. Now you hardly get 6 hours of sleep with 0 productivity. Now let’s modify your sleeping pattern, start it by trying for a few days, don’t do any work after dinner and try to fall asleep as quick as you can. Well don’t lose your mind I know it’s hard but just try for a few days.

So now you wake early at 6, make your bed first, it will the first task you have accomplished, you feel something good now. Put on your sports shoes and go for a walk or a jog. Embrace the fresh air let it go down below the windpipe and purify your lungs. Perform some exercises, stretches and see the early morning sun. You will feel fresh and accomplished.

And now you see your clock it’s 7. Congratulations you just earned yourself extra 2 hours and save it for now. That’s a boost start of your day.

2.Post work or post college schedule

  1. A. You deal with shit works and colleges here in India are no less than slaves working in factories that are stretches till evening of 5. It’s hectic which exhaust you for the rest of your time. But 20 minutes of nap can really help in this case and the best time to take this nap is your traveling time between your place and workstation. Saving time is the key.
  2. Now you are at your place you can decide to lay down, turn on your laptop for Netflix or you can stop yourself for a while and think what’s the best I can use my time for something productive. Cut off your time on social media and chasing girls. No matter how much prettier the babe you are chasing, in the end, she would be with a rich guy and that guy would be sitting down at the likes of you.
  3. Hit a gym not for lifting the big rods of iron to flaunt your meat-cakes. Just go and get in a good shape. It really helps an individual to boost his/her confidence.
  4. Measure the total time you have in hands: Now you have total of around  5 hours of productive work of which you can apply to master your skills, grades or anything and these 5 years multiplied by 6 days in a week( Sunday rest) and further multiplying it by years can make any fother mucking miracle possible. Let’s pause it for a moment and let your mind build castles.

Let’s say after spending an hour on exercise you have 3 hours more left. And that’s where you can utilize. I am not saying you to give up all earthly materials and stuffs just use your time wisely. Like you have 3 hours so take your 2 hours for studies, mastering any skill or something productive and rest 1 hour for anything of your likes.

3.Sleep mode

Now you have had a wonderful and productive day now it’s time for a wonderful goodnight sleep you deserve this. Sleep for around 7 to 8 hours to refresh your mind and get ready for tomorrow’s battle. Enjoy this journey.

In the end, I would state that this is all to take care of mental health and boost your mental stability. You might read it and then go back to your own schedule, nobody cares. Do it. But just think it for a while and think about how it will impact your life for the coming years.

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