A Secret weapon to secure Internet: VPN

A Secret weapon to secure Internet: VPN

Sometimes ISP and Government keep an eye on our online activity. Hackers can steal information on public Wi-Fi-networks. Also, some online content is restricted for some geo-locations. All these problems can be solved using a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It provides security/privacy. It is used to secure data be business companies, organizations and government. Nowadays it is used by everyone as it keeps our location private, data becomes encrypted before being sent to websites and allows surfing internet anonymously.

How does VPN Works?

When a user want to visit a website, he type the domain name of the website, which is a nickname of website’s IP address. The request is sent to certain servers which ping back the required content to our machine’s IP address. Along with request, the machine’s IP address and a lot of other information is sent. This where hackers can intercept our information.

Imagine, we are connected to a public network and surfing internet. Someone else with a laptop can easily login to the network and steal your information. But if we use a VPN, they won’t be able to access that. The website we visit also gathers our information, but they tend to do this to study their demographic. Usually it is not a problem, but in order to maintain privacy, VPN can be used which won’t allow those sites to gather your real information.

When we send information online, the VPN creates a tunnel that encrypts the information. This way, if someone want to read your data, they won’t be able to read it. This tunnel makes harder to hack in but it is still possible but much harder to do. VPN also adds an extra server in middle. The data is firstly sent to the VPN’s server, and then to the website. This extra step helps in change of our IP location, which is beneficial as:

A lot of video streaming website has geolocation restricted content. By connecting to the servers of the country where the content is available, we can easily watch it. Also, some torrent websites and porn website are banned in India.

It is also beneficial when booking a hotel or flight abroad from native country as it is found that the price change according to the IP location.

As we know some government keep a track of our online activity. They can request ISP to give information of user. But this can be avoided by using VPN. Many VPN have NO LOGS POLICY i.e. they don’t store online activity of user. Hence, they can’t give it to the government or any other third-party.

It is preferred to use paid VPNs over free as they provide speed along with more privacy and servers.

VPN’s are really hand when it comes to keeping our privacy safe on web by encrypting the data, changing the location and ensuring the privacy.

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