5 Quick Indian healthy recipes to cook.

5 Quick Indian healthy recipes to cook.

We all need food to survive as it is the only factor which helps us to be alive in this world. We need food all the time, specially when we are hungry, we look for those particular choices we have to make the food ready as soon as possible. So today we are gonna tell you 5 Quick Indian Healthy recipes to cook.

1.Indian chickpeas with poached eggs.

This is healthy and short time recipe that can be prepared under 15 minutes. Chickpeas are rich in vitamin, mineral, and fiber. In addition, chickpeas help in improving digestion and its co ingredient egg makes it even healthier as eggs are rich in protein as well as minerals namely zinc, iron, and copper.

2.Vegetable chapatti wraps.

This quick recipe includes healthy ingredients namely potatoes, tomatoes, chickpeas, chili flakes, and curry paste. The mixture of these nutritive ingredients adds the taste of healthiness and spiciness in the food. Chapattis are made of wheat flour and hence they are rich in fiber which is more way healthier for breakfast in order to help us survive long break between breakfast and lunch.

3.Cucumber salad

It is the Simplest yet healthy and appetizing recipe for a hungry stomach. Cucumbers are low in calorie content and high in vitamins and minerals. Consuming cucumber also results in balanced hydration and it helps in lowering the blood sugar level hence it is also convenient for the diabetic patient.

4.Cauliflower, paneer, and curry.

This is all in one healthy, tasty and cheap recipe. Cauliflower as an ingredient pays a very important role in this recipe which is high in fiber and is a source of antioxidant. In addition to this ingredient, this recipe also includes paneer inside it which is also a good source of protein and helps in losing weight and improves digestion. Pea curry adds the spiciness and taste to this healthy recipe which can be prepared under less than an hour.

5.Tomato kachumber

Another simple yet most healthy and juicy recipe for a quick fill for your tummy’s hunger. Tomatoes are the best source of antioxidant. It reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases. They are also rich in vitamin C and vitamin K. consumption of tomato kachumber helps in maintaining blood pressure and eradicating skin problems.

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