5 Most in-trend programming languages of future.

5 Most in-trend programming languages of future.

In past times, the main employment was in factories or industries. After some time, people start learning some more education to get a job of some high profile like teacher, clerk or any other field. With time, the Science start providing us more facilities. Everything that we wished to, Science or technology made it possible. Today or upcoming future will allow only those person to survive whose hands are frequent in Technology. As if we move down in the field of Technology, the first thing that flashes in our mind is Programming. Programming is that branch of tree which will hold us hard in the storm of unemployment.

So, today we’ll be discussing those in trend language you should learn for a better future.


You all are familiar with the logo and little bit concept of Java. Yes, remember the game you used to Play in samsung mobiles starts with the logo of same. JAVA is almost 20 years old and is used by a massive number of developers. Java is the most in trend language from last 10 years and still it’ll remain in trends for long time. The Java programming language is the hardest one but the interested one language of programming. Still, if you have a good knowledge of Java, your resume will be placed above the resumes of rest candidates. Java is a versatile language with lots of features. Java is preferably placed on priority than rest languages. With Java you can make Android Applications and System Software and a lot more stuff alone with this language.

JAVA is used in various fields:

  • Desktop GUI’s
  • Mobile Application
  • Web Application
  • Embedded System


Opposite from JAVA but comes just after it. Yes, Python is placed 2nd in this list of most Trend-in programming languages of future. Python is the easiest programming language we have. It is because in Python the syntax is made with text like real one, like to print any function you just have to use the syntax Print while in cpp you have to write cout and in JAVA you have to write System.out.println. Python is likely to have a big scope in future due to its easiness. Python was released in 1991, and till now from the first version you’ll get to see a lot of improvements. The main motive behind the python language was to make it as easier as possible.

Python is also used in various fields such as:

  • Web and Internet Development
  • Desktop GUI’s
  • Software Development
  • Back-end in Web Development

3. JAVA Script

JavaScript – The father of all programming languages. JavaScript is a dynamic lightweight programming language. JavaScript is mainly used as a part of Web images, whose implementation helps to design dynamic pages and to interact to client side.
The first name of JavaScript was LiveScript but Netscape change the same to JavaScript later in 1995. JavaScript is used in various fields:

  • Web Development
  • Web Applications
  • Web server
  • Presentation
  • Mobile application

4. C++

The next language in this list is C++. Yes, the Cpp that you’ll be going to learn in the very first year of your degree. The basic language on which all the classes are made. Once you’ve done C++ perfectly or with some good knowledge, you can understand any language easily! C++ is the basic language that you’ll read first. So be careful while implanting C++ in your syllabus, it’s the most important language you can say in your complete degree. But with the old concept and discoveries of new languages, C++ is getting fade year by year. Its scope is much far as the scope of above three. But still this programming language is used in many field:

  • Desktop application
  • Development of new languages
  • Embedded systems
  • Designing Web servers
  • Desktop application

5. C

The last but not the least, not all all. C language. The C programming language is the first language which went viral due to its multi use. With the help of C, the developers made the C++. Programming language C is the Base of programming but with lots of limitations, that’s the reason the developers come with the modifications and named the language to C++.
The C programming language is the last in this list with least priority. Although it is the Base language still it provides various applications like:

  • Operating system
  • Development of new languages.
  • Embedded systems
  • Graphics and games

So this was the list of top 5 in trend programming languages for future. Still have a double, shoot a comment now, we’ll reach to you soon.

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